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Kuan Im Thong Hood Temple in Singapore


Last year December, on an even day, I lastly went to Kwan Im Thong Hood temple at Bugis to hope. Due to social distancing procedures, you can just go to the temple on even days- Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if your NRIC number end with even numbers and odd number on odd days. Only 50 individuals are enabled in the temple at any time.

Now the temple is barricaded with those security barriers and you require to bring your TraceTogether apps or tokens. They likewise do not accept any fruits or flowers providing due to covid19 precaution. But you can contribute cash. When I take a trip to overseas,It I like to go to the temple to get the amulet particularly. Kuan Im simply makes me feel safe. I likewise like to go there to hope and thanks

You bodhisattva for her assistance. Facebook can go their

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