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Just before you scroll down further to the download button, we would like you to know that all our efforts are charity-based. We believe in merits making, and our aim is to help many others into the journey of the true spiritual path and guiding towards real successes. Because as master ever said, only the successful people can become really spiritual eventually. It will be difficult for people who are still suffering understand the deep meanings of any spirituality.   


If you came here because you wanted to adopt a Kumantong to help you with wealth and love, please consider to adopt the Kumantong below to help with charity and build your merits.

You can click below to adopt this now, and a customized ritual will be performed by master before shipping to you. Free shipping is provided worldwide.

 Adopting a Kumantong without knowing it’s real source, and without knowing how the process of consecration is risky and can bring upon serious consequences. Kumantong consecrated by master is through merits delivery, one of the highest form of consecration. (Read the ebook to understand this.)

Again, all our efforts are for charity.

Upon donation for the kumantong below, please send us your birthdate and name. And you may also send us any specific issues you are currently experiencing and hope for a change. We will translate it to master and specific advise will be given to you. We are serious and dedicated to help as we believe this builds our own merits too.

You can get started now and experience real changes. Don’t delay too long and accumulate even more karma.
Start the change today. We are all here to give you the spiritual support as well! And soon you will be helping others to this powerful spiritual journey too! 


kumantong aj patana
Item Code: KMT002

Prai kuman Amulet with 7 cemetery soil.
Powerful Wealth Dimension and Opportunities Opening.

Powerful Kumantong – Prai Kuman 
Extremely Powerful Guaranteed By Ajarn Patana
Bind and Alter 3 spiritual dimension of one’s karmic path
(Made in Year 2561 – 2018)

Highly recommended for wealth advancement, career advancements, increase charisma.
With 9 cemetery soil, flowers, 3 types sacred wood shavings, hair and ashes. With real rubies and sapphires for energies cleansings.  These holy sacred items can bring about wealth opportunities and attract wealth. GIves owner strong intuition towards wealth.  It cleanse one’s aura and neutralizes negative effects of past karma at 3 spiritual dimensions.   

$192 –  

IMPORTANT! Read before making any payments!
Donation amount  includes full 9 days ritual Merits Making and shipping Worldwide. 
Payments will be 100% donated as part of ritual. You are doing charity work at same time.Please do not treat this as a “purchase” , we are not “selling” these items. Amounts paid will go to charity. Donate for this item only if you trust our work. No refunds will be accepted thereafter as we cannot reverse donations made to charity.