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Is black magic bad?

Master answers:

Asking if black magic is bad is the same as asking if the night is bad. Black has always only been associated with a perception of negativity.

Because we need light to see things around us, without light, the darkness creates a mystery. It is only within our biological nature, and during our wakeful state we have associated darkness as something bad. Simply because we could not see in the darkness, everything becomes a mystery and hence fears of the darkness.

Master says, black magic is not something bad. Give a surgeon a knife and he could save a life. Give a villain the same knife, he could take a life.

Black magic has always been negatively misunderstood. It simply refers to a process of harnessing energies of the dead or the unseen life force of certain nature that occurs after sunset.

The perception of “harnessing energies from the dead” have always been negative when it is associated with religious rituals.

It is only a wrong perception. Master says, your life was given by the dead too, isn’t it? Did you eat a live animal or a cooked animal? Or if you are a vegetarian, were the vegetables still alive when you eat it? It was “fresh”, not alive.

The dead gave you life.
Because of another’s death, life becomes possible.

Whenever you see the daylight, the darkness is also existing at the same time. Else, how could daylight even exist?

Above image: Do you see light, darkness or both?

Black magic is the exact same way. No white magic could be effective without the intervention of the black. And vice versa, the black magic can not be effective without the intervention of the white.

Almost every religion that has history of occultism practice both white and black magic. Many of those masters do not realize that they were actually practicing both forms at the same time.

Any masters who don’t realize this simple law of nature, will not be able to harness any energies of the nature. Because without this knowing, they won’t know where to seek the energies. Their rituals would more likely be just a psychological affair.

Black and white magic is interdependent on each other. It is similar to the Taoism that teaches the energy of yin and yang.

Yin is the negative polarity and Yang is the positive. They are interdependent, else none can exist without another. It is the nature of duality that creates existence. All forms of energies have 2 polarities.

For a physical state to exist, a non-physical state is also in existence at the same time. Our biological eyes which is dependent on a light source (solar) could only see the physical existence, but the non-physical existence is also there at the same time. But the limitation of our eyes could not see it, the non-physical existence exist within us as our soul and consciousness. And we cannot rely on our physical eyes to see the non-physical existence of life. Hence it is through darkness the non-physical existence is felt. The higher mind which is our feelings “sees” the non-physical existence. So, without the use of our eyes, or if we are blind, everything else is darkness. Thus, feelings is within a non perceivable “darkness”.

Darkness is as good as the light.

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