How Prayers, Amulets, Meditation Helps?

Your Own Intervention To Spiritual Practice Is Needed
If You Want A Real Change Of Your Destiny.

Understanding Rituals

First, understand that any types of rituals performed by a master affect one at the non-physical, higher dimension level.

From the illustration 1. below, every area interconnects and intertwine with one another.
It means that whichever area changes, the reality changes.  

Illustration 1:

Illustration 2 below:
Everyone is as one, connected via the higher dimension and Akashic space.
It also means that there is no real secrets unknown to the higher dimension. 
Whatever actions and thoughts that we have get imprinted into the Spirit and Akashic Space.


Types Of Amulets Functions:

Psychological Effects Amulets:
Some amulets or prayers function at the psychological level which helps to clear the mind and thus create positive effect on the body and spirit.

Body/Physical Effect Amulets:
Amulets that function from the physical/body area are usually made of sacred materials or real gemstones. Such type of amulet affects one starting from the body and creates an overall well-being thus positively affecting the mind and spirit. Eg. Takrut is one example of a physical/body effect amulet, certain takrut can have tremendous powers and energies to change one’s life and also to attract wealth. 

Spirit Effect Amulets:
This category of amulets usually involve conjuring of a higher entity spirit that positively affect the spiritual area, giving one spiritual guidance on the mind and body. A spirit effect amulet can also function at the higher dimension or the Akashic space when it is used for affecting or influencing someone else.

How Prayers and Meditation Helps?

Prayers and meditations especially on a new moon and full moon day helps one to clear the negative thoughts and establish a “connection” to the non-physical or the higher dimension space.

It is only via meditation or prayer, one can access the higher dimension and start manifesting thoughts/wishes into reality. 

Physical effect and spirit effect amulets will help one to establish connection to the higher dimension. 

If one practices meditation and prayers consistently, the energies will become strongly attuned to higher dimension and spirit. One who mastered it well are said to be functioning within the 4th or higher dimensions where anything can be easily manifested. since 2008

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