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Understanding 3rd Eye and Break Through 5th Dimension.
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You can’t change the Law of the Universe (Law of Dharma), But you can master the truth and the inner-workings to receive frequencies of higher wisdom and spiritual guidance from the 6th dimension and beyond. 

Failures in all aspects of life happen because we do not understand the laws. It is as if a game, you will not win the game without knowing the rules of the game. The rules are fixed in a game, just like the Dharma Law is fixed. We will fail if we break any rules, the failures became the lessons that teach us about the rules. But most of us do not immediately see failures as lessons. Instead, we spent years or even the whole lifetime resenting over the failure. Hence, we could never break through to the higher dimensions.

How Your Reality Was Created?
Teachings of Master Patana

Our realities are created by a combination of 12 dimensions, meaning to say there are 11 other non-physical dimensions of spiritual energies that have manifested our physical being and experiences. Just think about it this way, our physical body is actually made up of trillions of cells. When combined, they created our physical body, mind and intelligence, or more precisely, the intelligence in those cells when put together created our functionalities. And the entire mechanism of our physical functions created our experiences. 

12 individual dimensions combine to create our entire reality. In each dimension, there is a pathway or specific intelligence, and a unique frequency that governs, manifest and project our realities. Just like our body, different types of cells make us up: Stem cells, Blood cells, Neuro Cells, Cartilage Cells, Muscle cells, Bone cells, Skin cells, Nerve cells, Endothelial cells, Epithelial cells, Sex cells and Fat cells. Each of these cells has its own intelligence, they form into different organs which then becomes the body and function as one.

 If we are able to understand the individual function of the cells found in our body, we will find answers to a healthier body. So in the same way, if we are able to access and understand the information of each individual dimension, we will be able to create our realities the way we desire.  Any changes in the higher dimensions will create changes in our reality.

Through spiritual intervention, we are able to access the different dimensions to understand the structures and functionalities of the different dimensions that govern our lives and individual destiny. Via spiritual practice, rituals, faith and prayers we can receive wisdom and create conscious changes to our reality. 

Changes in our thoughts and emotional feelings create different forms of frequencies. Having faith in prayers, love and compassion will tune us into higher frequencies which opens the path to receiving higher wisdom and guidance. 

The 3rd to 5th dimensions:
This range of dimensions is where all our karmic lessons take place.  In the 3rd dimension, we experience the physical aspects of our karma.  For example, what we eat is what we become is a physical aspect of the 3rd dimension’s karma.  The 4th and 5th dimensions run the karma of our accumulated thoughts and actions. These 3 dimensions are interlinked, inter-dependent and function as one. It is just like a cell, when we look under the microscope, it looks 2-dimensional. But when combined with elements of water, fire, earth and air, a living, breathing being is created. So, the 3rd – 5th dimensions create the collective reality which we are experiencing and most of us live unconsciously when we fail to understand or transcend lessons brought to us within the 3rd to 5th dimensions. The rebirths cycles happen through the 0-5th dimensions (total 6 dimensions), we will not be able to liberate ourselves from the rebirth cycles if we do not attempt to consciously transcend beyond the 5th dimension. 

You can imagine the 3rd-5th dimensions work as though it is a factory, it follows a set of rules(law) and creates experiences in our reality based on the input we supply.  If the quality of input into this “karma factory” is good, the product will come out good, and we will experience positive events in life. 

 The purpose of this function of the 3rd to 5th dimension is to help us become aware of our thoughts and emotions. It shapes us towards higher attainments collectively. If we continue to be unaware of our thoughts, egos, indulgences and emotions, we will continue to function within the boundaries of the 0-5th dimensions, and we do not have complete control over our destiny. We will still be considered as being “asleep”, and living our lives in an unconscious way. It is because most of us live within this boundary, we have assumed that life is all destined. 

How to break through the 5th dimension?
Master has explained that it is not difficult at all to break through this boundary if we start dedicating some energies to it. Self-awareness and reading spiritual teachings are the first keys to starting the process. Intellectual understanding of spiritual discourses is essential as a tool to raise our inner awareness of our own thoughts, ego and emotions. Once our inner awareness is raised, the frequencies of our thoughts will start tuning towards higher frequencies where higher wisdom can be received from other higher dimensions. 

 Every moment of our thoughts and emotions creates a different vibration and frequency.
A circle of our thoughts and emotions create a specific vibration and frequency, we call it a circle because Thoughts create Emotions and in reverse, Emotions can create new Thoughts – It functions in a circle like Yin and Yang.  When a continuous process like this happens – Thoughts to Emotions, and Emotions to Thoughts, vibration and frequency is created.  And the energies radiate straight out via the heart. Imagine this like an engine running, as the engine is spinning, it produces energy. And the produced energy is used to power another process. 

Low vibrational energies and frequencies are mostly generated by the emotions and thoughts of fears, hatred, worries, revenge, resentments, anger – These states exist within the function of our egos.  When we are unaware of our thoughts and emotions, our energies vibrate in the low range of frequencies like an underpowered car.

And the very moment we become aware of the mechanism of our thoughts and emotions, the energies start vibrating at higher frequencies.
Master Patana has taught us that experience of Love and Gratitude creates high vibrations which connect to higher worlds up to the 9th dimension.  And Compassion creates the widest spectrum of frequencies that access the entire universe. 

The moment of love, gratitude and compassion happens, it will create a moment of higher frequency and creates a moment of connection to a higher dimension. It all depends on the moment of thoughts and emotions. When our thoughts and emotions start functioning with fears, hatred, worries, resentments or anger again, we will be disconnected from the higher dimensions once again. 

Manifestations Start At The 6th Dimension and Beyond.
6th dimension is where certain conscious creations or wishes happen. Only when we become aware and conscious of our thoughts and emotions within our physical dimension, we will automatically start accessing and connecting to the 6th dimension where conscious creations and manifestations could happen. 6th dimension is where some of the akashic records reside and it holds the wisdom or answers to accessing other dimensions. Imagine this dimension as the Center where other dimensions are connected to. The 6th dimension is also directly connected via our heart chakra. When we start functioning and start doing anything with passion and love, the energy from our hearts will create a connection to the 6th dimension. Wisdom and spiritual guidance are “downloaded” from the 6th dimension to our heart.

Every dimension creates a connection to different chakra points in our body. 
There are a total of 12 main chakras in our bodies. Each point connects to a dimension where higher wisdom and data are downloaded.  Our third eye connects to the highest dimension where the highest wisdom resides. 


Increasing Your Spiritual Consciousness

The Third-Eye or as known as the pineal gland exists in all of us.
It is the center where higher frequencies of higher wisdom are received. According to Master Patana, the 3rd-eye is always functioning. It is already activated at birth. There is no such thing as an activated or a non-activated third eye. It is only whether we are conscious or unconscious about the information being received via the third eye. 

It is via the third eye, spiritual visions are possible. It works as a receiver, you can imagine it like a radio receiver. If you tune in to the right channel, you will receive information from the channel you are tuning in to. The wisdom that exists as the non-tangible forms in the higher dimensions are just like the radio waves that exist in our space, without a radio receiver tuning in to the right frequency, you will never hear the information. 

Becoming conscious of the information received by your 3rd eye.
First, let’s understand why most of us are unconscious about the spiritual visions or information received by our 3rd-eye. Master has described it this way: Imagine you have a radio receiver, radio waves will be received once it is powered up. However, the sounds may be distorted if the electrical power is unstable or if it is surging. Likewise, we have energy from the food we ate that powers up the entire body system, but our fears, guilt, worries, anger and resentments cause the surges and instability of our energies which cause distortions of information received.

Stabilizing The Spiritual Energy Fields and “Electrical Field” To Raise Spiritual Consciousness.
It is important to understand that our emotional state determines the stability of our spiritual energy field. It all started out from our thoughts, and the thoughts translate into an emotional feeling. An emotional state of joy, love and calmness will create stable waves of fields throughout our entire body system, these fields are radiated from the Heart Area within the body and also outside the body. Hence in any religious teachings, we are taught to always take attention to the heart.


Illustrate The Relations of Thoughts Affecting Spiritual Fields

Illustration (A)

The illustration (A) shows how the roots of negative thoughts could result in distortion and destruction of our entire energy field, creating a system of blockage and lowering our state of consciousness. The energy from the negative emotions becomes weakened and unstable at the heart area and lowering spiritual protection to the external world’s negative influences. When negative feelings are dominant, the energy that radiates from the heart also becomes negatively charged which attracts more negatively charged energies from the outside world, resulting in illnesses. The radiating energies from the heart can also be felt by others around.  Hence, it can turn into a vicious karmic circle if one is unaware of the state he or she is currently in. 

Illustration (B)

The illustration (B) shows how positive states of emotions could result in creating a stable energy field. The energy from positive emotions becomes powerful at the heart area and raising spiritual protection against external world’s negative influences. When positive feelings are dominant, the energy that radiates from the heart also becomes positively charged which attracts more positive charged energies from the outside world, resulting in reversing negative health conditions. The radiating positive energies from the heart can also be felt by others around, attracting more positive energized people and opportunities. 

Methods of Raising Spiritual States

The commonly asked question is, if choices of thoughts create different results of spiritual consciousness, does that mean that we should always practice positive thinking to achieve positive states of spiritual consciousness?

The answer is NO,  practicing positive thinking may seems good at the superficial level. It makes a person looks good on the outside, but not the inside. The inner, deeper thoughts still remained negative. You can’t cheat your feelings by your mind, the energies will still remained negative deep within you. If you ever said you chose to think positive, you have already made a negative assumption at the back of your mind. Else, there should be no mention of ‘choosing’ to think positive at all. Because it is duality. Don’t let positive thinking or negative thinking become a choice at all is the key.

You can imagine this “Spiritual State of Consciousness” as the Electric Current. Just like how an electric current would power up a radio. The more stable the current is, the better the connection to the frequencies in the space.

There are 3 areas to establish for the start:
Electric Current >>> Radio >>> Tuning and Connection To Frequencies
Spiritual States of Consciousness >>> Third-Eye Receiver >>> Tuning and Connection To Frequencies (Spiritual guidance, wisdom)

First, it is important to read all posts in the discourse section, the teachings from Master Patana will help to build up your intellectual understandings of the universe truth. The truths will help you tear down your old negative dominating false beliefs which will ease your energy system starting from the mind. (Every post takes only about 2-3 minutes to read.)

The 2nd step is to get into basic meditation. The purpose is for you to go inward, exploring into yourself and neutralizing old accumulated negative feelings and thoughts. (The methods are in the “Meditation Section”)

Simply dedicate 7 days into reading the discourse and meditation. Just the first 7 days, your energy system will become well balanced. 

These 2 parts (Discourse) and (Meditation) are to stabilize the spiritual energies and raise the consciousness. (These are the Inner Path Methods of stabilizing the energies by altering your inner system, your thoughts and body.)

The External Methods/Tools like using certain types of gemstones or amulets can also help boost and enhance the energy system.

When certain gemstones are combined to make into an amulet, it can create a powerful harmonious energy that will positively affect the mind and body resulting in stabilizing the internal spiritual energies and raising the spiritual consciousness. 

You Can Increase Your Experience By 100 Fold.


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