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Heart Sutra and Buddhism: Surangama Sutra 2


This is the 2nd post on Surangama sutra. I discover this sutra actually helpful. Buddha discussed and remedied Ananda’s incorrect views. Buddha likewise taught about specific and cumulative karma, the origin of living beings and the world and 6 aircrafts of presence.

This 2h film on Surangama Sutra particularly on how Buddha remedying Ananda’s incorrect view. The following interaction in between the Buddha and Ananda (Buddha’s cousin) begins with about 1h 35 minutes.

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You can check out Surangama sutra from here.

Thus I have heard

The Buddha asked: (*2 *)

The king responded: It was the same when I was three and thirteen, and still is now that I am sixty-two.

The Buddha stated: As you now notice your white hair and wrinkled face, there must be many more wrinkles than when you were a child. Today when you see the Ganges, do you notice that your seeing is old now while it was young then?

The king responded: It has always been the same, World Honoured One.

The Buddha stated: Great King, though your face is wrinkled, the nature of this essence of your seeing is not. Therefore, that which is wrinkled changes and that which is free from wrinkles is unchanging. The changing is subject to destruction whereas the unchanging fundamentally is beyond birth and death; how can it be subject to your birth and death? Why do you bring out Maskari Gosaliputras  (wrong) teaching on total annihilation at the end of this life?

Upon hearing this, the king recognized that after death, there will be (no annihilation however) life once again in other transmigrations. He and the entire assembly mored than happy and passionate at the Teaching which they had actually never ever heard prior to.


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