Gautama Buddha: The Life and Teachings of the Awakened One

Gautama Buddha: The Life and Teachings of the Awakened One

This informative and thought-provoking bio will appeal to anyone interested in the Buddha, not just as the Enlightened individual and spiritual teacher, but also as an influential cultural figure. Gautama Buddha is a gripping account of one of history’s most effective characters.

The words and example of Gautama (frequently known by the title, ‘Buddha’) have impacted billions of people. However what do we really understand about him? While there is much we can not state for certain about the historic Gautama, this persuasive new bio provides the max and most possible account yet.

Weaving ancient sources and modern-day understanding into a compelling narrative, Gautama Buddha puts his birth around 484 BCE, his Enlightenment in 449 BCE and his death in 404 BCE, a century later than the standard dates. Vishvapani examines Gautama’s words and impact to shed fresh light on his culture, his spiritual search and the experiences and teachings that led his fans to call him ‘The Awakened One’. Putting Gautama in a credible historical setting without assuming that he was truly simply an ordinary individual, this book makes use of the misconceptions and legends that surround him to illuminate the significance of his life. It traces Gautama’s investigations of consciousness, his strikingly original view of life and his advancement of new types of spiritual community and practice.


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