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Finishing 2021: Three Great Books and Three Updates


The year is all however total and we’ve included numerous brand-new and uncovered works of Buddhist fiction to the blog site. But there are three books released in 2021 that require unique reference here prior to the year is through.

First and primary I should point out Bride of the Buddha by Barbara McHugh. Published in January, 2021 by Monkfish Book Publishing, McHugh’s unique retells the story of Yasodhara in the kind of an alternative history. If you have actually checked out Gabriel Constans’ Buddha’s Wife (2014 ), and Vanessa Sasson’s Yasodhara: A Novel About the Buddha’s Wife ( 2018) [reprinted by Bloomsbury Academic as Yasodhara and the Buddha in 2021], then you definitely MUST checked out Bride of theBuddha The prose is engaging and vibrant, and the alternative history twist presses at the limits of feminist retellings of Yasodhara’s story.

The 2nd book I require to point out is A Life with Alexandra David-Ne él by Fr édéricCampoy and Mathieu Blanchott This is the very first book in a graphic unique series about the life of the daring Alexandra David-Ne él, explorer, thinker, author, and the very first Western female to get in Lhasa, Tibet in 1924. The graphic unique series is based upon Marie-Madeleine Peyronnet’s account 10 ans avec Alexandra David- Néel ( 10 Years With Alexandra David- Néel). This specific medium truly brings the story to life prior to our eyes.

Third and lastly, I want to present the most recent publication of Buddhist fiction fresh off journalism this November from Sumeru Press,Inc If Only I Had Listened with Different Ears: Three Buddhist Tales is a collection of three novellas byJason Siff The press set states: “These three tales belong to the same genre as Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. The first two fictional stories take place in Northern India at the time of the Buddha, while the third story is about the next Buddha, Maitreya.” This is certainly going on my TBR (to be checked out) list.

As for the three updates, they are as follows:

  1. I have actually lastly completed upgrading the list of Buddhist fiction on the right-hand man side of the primary page of this blog site. Hopefully I can keep it approximately date throughout 2022!;
  2. Be on the lookout for an extremely fresh evaluation of Street Legal: A Novel by Rafi Zabor (2022) from Contributing Editor Kate Brandt in January; and,
  3. The Buddhist Fiction Blog was acknowledged at the current Buddhist Literary Festival Canada (10-12 December 2021) as an honoree for pioneering Buddhist fiction through blogging. I am extremely humbled and grateful for this acknowledgment.

And with all that, 2021 will end for this blog site. Happy New Year to all our readers. May all of us be well, delighted, and tranquil, and might no damage concerned us in 2022 and beyond.


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