>>> The long-term extreme ritual is by binding one’s karmic path to a higher realm spirit. Such ritual can make drastic change to one’s karmic path. Absolute mindfulness must be practised if one choose this form of ritual. Your thoughts, words and actions will be accessed by the higher spirit and manifesting them based on the accumulated merits. Your thoughts and words become power, anything that you think of can be manifested through this form of spiritual binding. 

There are a total of 12 dimensions and energies that governs our life and karmic experiences. If all 12 dimensions are in harmony, one will acquire power that can help them succeed anything in life.

To continue with this binding ritual, please pick one choice from below :

To continue with this binding ritual, please pick one choice from below :

Revealing the secrets of 12 Dimensions and 12 Energies
Harnessing the 12 Energies and Changing 12 Dimensions.

Ajarn patana energies system– Ajarn Patana’s Destiny Changing System –

According to Master Patana, there are 12 important energies and dimensions that govern our karmic experiences. These energies and dimensions interconnect with one another in our existence. Understanding and knowing how to harness these energies can change one’s karma and destiny. 

These energies and dimensions can affect one’s thinking and actions. First, the 12 energies – refer to 12 forms of frequencies/energies that are affected by the positioning of planets and stars in the universe, these energies can affect us with tremendous effect, they can affect our mood and thoughts that may lead to either positive or negative actions.

An example of how planets and stars affect us – master often ask followers to take note of a full moon day, everyone will experience a great change of mood during a full moon.  During full moon day, sea-levels will experience a high-tide, the fluids in our body will also get affected by such energies too. Such changes in our body may seem so subtle but yet will a great impact on our mind. You may also see babies, children not being able to sleep well on a full moon day because of the impact of the energies.

A full moon day is known as a day of completion, it magnifies one’s thoughts to the fullest. Both negative and positive thoughts get magnified and completed by the powers of the full moon. You can often see important or impulsive decisions being made on a full moon day or 3-4 days before and after a full moon day,  and if someone is full of anger and resentment, such emotions will too get maximized on a full moon day, and if one is happy and positive on the day of the full moon, the happiness will also amplify and good things happen. That is also the reason why in history, it was suggested to eat vegetarian, be peaceful and do good deeds on a full moon day. Such energies are also interconnected with other dimensions in our life. The full moon and the effect is one example which we can easily study and take note of because it is the only celestial body which is clearly visible from our planet Earth. 

There are 11 more celestial bodies (stars/planets) that are further away which has similar impacting effects on all living things. These energies work differently on all living things throughout the year, and depending on which planet and its position, the effects of their energies will affect everything on Earth. Master Patana further tells that we will experience more of the same disaster in a given year as compared to another year due to the positioning of the celestial bodies. The positioning of the celestial bodies affects the minds resulting in bad decisions, actions and brings about chaotic situations to the world. The energies can also affect weather changes and natural disasters. You can see that there are more Earthquakes, air accidents, fire disasters, floods etc in a given year as compared to another,  that is all caused by the positioning of the stars and planets. However, there are also celestial bodies that will bring about peace and harmony to us throughout the year. These energies affect every individual differently depending on the configurations of our karma, and our karma resides in 12 spiritual dimensions. 

12 Spiritual Dimensions – Everyone has 12 spiritual dimensions which are made up of different forms of karma. These dimensions interconnect with one another and interconnect with every individual on the planet. The karma also refers to our thoughts, actions, and words.
These 12 dimensions govern our karmic relationships with spouse, parents, friends, siblings, children, our assets, wealth, career, opportunities, health, wisdom, and comfort of life. All these dimensions make our entire karmic path and experience.

Karma has energies within it. Master says that our thought does not only contain in our own minds, but our thoughts also have energies that project out to the spiritual dimensions. And each thought can determine one’s karmic path many years later. The combination of the 12 dimensions is also known as the Akashic space. Every thought with strong intention gets projected and recorded into the Akashic space and waiting to be manifested either negatively or positively. This Akashic space can easily be accessed and be seen by a spiritually attained master. So don’t ever think that no one will know what you are thinking or what you have once done. Both good and bad deeds get recorded without errors and without fail. 

By keeping all 12 dimensions’ energies in harmony, one can attain power towards changing their destiny. Highly spiritually attained spirits (which has no physical body.) will be able to intervene and access higher levels of one’s dimensions to alter, affect, and even magnify the positive energies in the dimensions. The spirits can help to advance the good merits which are accumulated in the different dimensions, these merits can be used to manifest into good karmic experiences or towards one’s wish or desires. 

After one goes through a binding ritual with the higher realm spirits, any thoughts and words will have powers (determined by the merits made for the spirits). Any forms of thoughts can be manifested. Both negative and positive thoughts will be accessed by the higher realm spirits and be manifested. However, if one has negative thoughts towards their enemies, such thoughts can too be manifested but it will also be recorded in the Akashic space as negative karma. If one uses these powers towards good deeds or positive desires, it will further magnify the good deeds as good merits. Such accumulation of good merits will give one unlimited power to make changes in many areas of one’s life and make significant changes to their destiny.


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