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Emptiness in nature in terms of karmic retribution due to evil deeds


I extremely advise that you see this dharma talk byMaster Sheng Yen I discover that it’s actually handy in comprehending emptiness and karma.

To produce more great karma and cultivate more benefit in our life, then we will not discover retribution so uncomfortable.

Sin is produced by the mind and is emptyin nature If the mind stops, so will sin, whether impure or pure.

Everything is produced by the mind. Our ideas and psychological actions choose our physical and spoken actions. Our spoken action and physical action plus our reference actions as a driving force make up the driving force behind our karma. Then we produce karma. Having developed karma, you will get karmic results.

Causality 因果( domino effect) certainly exist, so does conditional developing ( 缘起).

Causality 因果( domino effect) caused by conditional developing ( 缘起 ) is called outcomes of triggers and conditions. As a mix, they do exist. However, triggers and conditions themselves speak and distribute and are impermanent and altering.

Causes and conditions as a reality are emptyin nature Things formed by conditions and causes exist, however they are emptyin nature As an outcome, after it is gotten, it is likewise empty.

Watch the video to learn more.


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