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Dropping Ashes on the Buddha

This book is a difficult read, however I am so happy I finished checking out it. Unlike other spiritual books, this one isn’t a guided guideline a lot. Rather, the story here takes you through the riddles and ‘concerns and answers’ the Zen master has with his students and those that approach him.The most significant takeaway I got this book, is constantly to keep “don’t know mind”. “Don’t understand mind” in essence describes the state of looking at the world, and yourself – without having actually preconceived notions. However, since I have actually lived x amount years on this Earth, I have actually currently constructed quite a mass of info in concerns to the world around me. Whether it’s the name I offer to the orange light in the sky (I.e The Sun), or the green things I walk on (Grass), or who I are “Insert ‘Samy Felice’ name”.

“The Sun” or “Grass” or “my name” does not have any truth of its own, it’s simply a construct we have actually produced to dematerialize the world. For the better, we can indicate the important things in our environment for the sake of conversation and recognition. For the worst, we’ve now restricted our thinking due to the fact that we now can’t see the innocence of the sun or the yard or ourselves. The method of looking at the world without understanding what the world, gradually becomes covered by more and more labels as we grow up.During meditation, we often enter a state of”do not know mind “-a place of silence and nothingness that connects us to an unlimited stillness. I understand I have, and I never had a method to describe it rapidly and directly. But I believe the phrase”don’t understand mind “(usage gently -we do not want to hang on too securely to labels)is a great way to describe this state. Here are a few of my preferred passages from this book:”Your substance and the substance of the whole universe are the

same. So this cup is you, you are this cup. They are not two. If you are thinking, they are different.” Contemplating-‘Where were you born'”

Only Keep do not – understand. Don’t be connected to words. This don’t-know is your real self. It is absolutely nothing at all. It is very simple, simple. So you should keep just do not know, always and everywhere. Then you will quickly get knowledge. But be very careful not to want enlightenment. Just keep do not understand mind.” “Your circumstance, condition, opinions- throw them all away.””No desire for myself, desire for all individuals

.”” I consume for you. So ask yourself, ‘What am I ‘? And keep your

do not understand mind. “If you cut off thinking, there is no mind.

If you are thinking, you have revers: excellent and bad, enlightened and unenlightened. But if you cut off thinking, there are no revers.”One Monk stated “It is the flag that

is moving. Another stated the wind is moving. The Sixth Patriarch stated “You are both wrong. It is not the flag, not the wind, it is your mind.”In empty mind, is there are you

? Exists an I?

“You are currently enlightened. But you do not understand it. So after much difficult training: ah, this is knowledge! It is really easy. This is your mind. My eyes can’t see my eyes. To attempt and see my eyes is the incorrect method. My mind can’t comprehend my mind.”

“You must cut off all believing and all desires for yourself. Then you will quickly attain enlightenment.”

“When you understand yourself, it is really easy to paint or compose poems or do caligraphy or tea or karate.”

“You do not like plastic flowers, so your mind has become plastic, and the entire universe is plastic. Put it all down. Then you won’t be hindered by anything.”

“In the same method, we are constantly hearing the sounds of automobiles, waterfalls, rain. All these sounds are preachings, they are the voice of the Buddha himself preaching to us.”

“However you should not examine your mind”.

“Mind is continuously altering. If you are not connected to your altering mind, then you will attain your real nature.”

“What is great? What is bad? You want to be an excellent Zen Trainee; you want to be a good man. This is believing. Put it down! Put all of it down!

“The mind that only attempts to help all people is clear mind. So the mind that is lost in desire is small mind.”

“Bodhisattva means no desire for myself, just for all people. So I hope that you put it down. Put it down. Put all of it down!”

“Always return to your true self. Then there are no eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind, no color, no noise, no odor, no taste, no touch, no item of mind.”

“Comprehending is thinking. Attainment is before thinking.”

“If you cut through the one question, then the ten thousand concerns all disappear.”

“The entire Universe is produced by your thinking.”

I really took pleasure in how this book has assisted layed the seeds for me to become a more selfless person. I understand that I have a great deal of ego turned up in various circumstances in my day to day life. Yet, I can’t hope to be “informed” because I already am. I just need to keep my state of “do not know mind” and to set up practices in my regimen that enable me to detach myself from the ever-changing state of my mind.

In spite of maybe 20% of the book being incomprehensible, I the 80% that made good sense for me. I highly suggest it if you’re looking to immerse yourself in an irregular view of spirituality. Nowadays, we hear a lot about the popular books in spirituality, and for some, these books can turn them off. It’s my belief, that all the spiritual books related to cutting believing or dealing with presence, teach the very same thing, however in a different way. The more you’re able to expose yourself to different angles, the likelier you’ll be able to create a shift in your perspective for the better.


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