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Difference of Luk Kok, Luk Thep and Kumantong

Note: Master’s spirit based items mostly belongs to the realm of Asura, they are not in the Ghost realm. They have much stronger spiritual power than any other types of spirits from ghost realms. 

In the olden times, luk kok is considered as black magic and kumantong is consecrated through white magic ritual. Both types were consecrated through 2 different forms of rituals, and received different precepts during the consecration. In fact, luk kok has no limitations to what they can do for their owners, and many masters has made luk kok a slave for their owners through powerful black magic.  

In olden days, the black magic to consecrate luk kok or kumantong is by making use of spirits of children or babies who died prematurely.  They were controlled by a strong form of black magic that make them slaves to their masters, and there are mantras that can control their mind to command them and mantras to cause them to suffer in pain if they do not abide by the command. Their energy and strength usually comes from raw food and blood. The fresher the blood or meat the better it is for them to absorb the energy, because there are still strong parts of the spirits and spiritual energy in fresh meats and blood. 

Souls of the luk kok consecrated through black magic still belongs to the ghost realm, and they are never given a chance to gain higher spirituality. They don’t get reborn, they cannot escape as long as the master who consecrated it is still alive. 

“Ajarn Patana’s Luk Kok & Kumantong are High realm Holy Asura Spirits.”
Master Patana’s Luk kok, Luk thep and Kumantong – Spirits of The Asura Realm.

Master’s luk kok and kumantong are specially chosen spirits, only spirits who has gained good spirituality from their last life are accepted by master. Master will first deliver merits to these spirits through form of ancient lanna magic, this form of ritual helps them to transcend to higher Asura realms where they have access to many levels of higher wisdom and abilities. These spirits has also gained high clarity of their own existence, and had also gained high spirituality through master’s incantations, and chanting.

When these spirits are in the Asura realm, the clarity of their mind also gives them many levels of supernatural powers. They can access anyone’s akashic records (past karma) and give clear spiritual guidance to their owner, they will have ability to protect their owners from enemies, influence minds of others for good reasons that can help change one to make drastic change to their destiny. They are known to be 100x more powerful than any form of spirits from the Ghost realm because of their high spirituality and access to the wisdom of many levels of supernatural powers. 

 The main difference of Master Patana’s luk kok and kumantong

According to master, every person is governed by karma and energies of a total of 12 dimensions. If good and positive energies fills all 12 dimensions, one will be able to have the power to get any desires they want. 

A luk kok can help owner with altering 6 spiritual dimensions and has the ability to advance another person’s negative karma,  and a kumantong do not have the ability to do so due to the precepts accepted during consecration. Although both forms of spirits belongs to the realm of Asura, they do have difference in their spirituality,  spiritual age and wisdom. It is not based on the age of their deaths, but the age of their souls and spirituality, wisdom accumulated from the number of rebirths they have gone through. 

A luk kok can advance a target’s negative karma in order to protect their owners who are contributing merits for their spiritual growth. Everyone have accumulated both good and bad karma, and a luk kok will have the ability to advance one’s existing negative karma in order to put a stop to any of their ongoing negative actions in order to protect their owner. However, if the negative actions towards a luk kok’s owner is due to past karmic reasons, they can help reduce the impact of the effect. And by advancing another person’s negative karma, it may also help the other person to gain spirituality. 

Many regarded this as a form of curse towards luk kok owner’s enemies, but this works in a good way that does not backfire to the owner. 

On the other hand, a Kumantong and Luk Thep can help with 3 spiritual dimensions for their owner and can give owner strong spiritual guidance through dreams, and give guidances towards an improved life. They can also help to influence others and bring in wealth and lead owner to success. Adoption of a kumantong is often recommended for people who does not have too heavy past negative karma. 

What About Luk Thep?

Luk thep: It simply means an angel child. ”Thep” means Angel, and ”Luk” means child.
A Luk thep’s spirit is more alike a spirit of kumantong. It is consecrated using life-like dolls. And the main difference of master’s luk thep is that master only consecrate female spirits for luk thep. And the spirits of luk thep are also specially chosen by master. They are of high spirituality female child spirits who are beautiful in appearance throughout many cycles of their past reincarnations. They can help owner to reach fame, powerfully increase owner’s attraction and powerfully call upon wealth for their owners. A luk thep is especially suitable for ladies who are in sales, runs their own business and for people who wants to become more popular and famous in their industry. A luk thep can also give powerful spiritual guidance to owners who wants to gain spirituality and wisdom through meditations. Master’s luk thep has also been adopted by celebrities from various countries, and many ajarns / masters have also adopted master’s luk thep to help consecrate their own luk thep or kumanree (female kumantong) 

Why do they want to help you? 

Master understands that inability to achieve desires can potentially lead one to negative thoughts and actions. However again, the inability to achieve your goals or desire is also because of a karmic effect. If you do not know the reason or the root cause of the karmic effect, then most probably you will never be able to reach greater achievements in life. 

The fact is that the law of karma will multiply and encourage any actions or thoughts that will aid another person in the whole purification process. If you are part of this process, the law of karma will be at work for you without stopping. Eg. When you have the heart of compassion, and you help others get through the rough time in their life, they would potentially have more positive thoughts and actions that may in turn help another person who is suffering. This way, the purification process will keep going down the line. And the natural law of karma will return you with more of the similar effect that you have given to others. And this will keep working non-stop for you. When you are generous, the situation of others being generous will also happen in your life. The level of generosity is not measured by the quantity or amount, it is not the number or amount that counts, it is the degree of your willingness to help others. Example, a millionaire who donates $500,000 to a charity will have the same degree of generosity of a poor man who donates a few dollars. The generosity of one is a form of pure energy, and good karma. The law of karma will return in the exact same rate, and same degree of generosity. So, a poor man with that great generosity may one day meet a millionaire who is as generous as the poor man, and shares his wealth with the poor man. In contrary, a stingy person who has given his share of merits will also have his good karma effect. However, he may not experience any situations of meeting a generous person.   

As master is capable of accessing the akashic records, and retrieving past karma of one, he will be able to know the root cause of the current karma effect. So, master believes that by first giving you an advice on your current karmic problems may ignite your realization of the root cause and potentially help you reduce any further impact of the effects or potentially put a stop to any negative situations. 

Second, a merits making ritual and delivery of repentance towards your past life creditors, and current life’s past karma may further help reduce any negative karma effect.  Because merits making, (which is also a positive karma) that helps towards your own purification process(spiritual growth), at the same time it helps the energy of your past life creditors to transcend, and their forgiveness will help to neutralize or reduce your negative past karma.

And since all energy are as ONE, intervention from the spiritual world can help  influence situations in your life. The spirits who too has the aim to reach higher energy form will need your help to deliver merits for them, these spirits which are in the domain of Asura will have more clarity in their formless form, they will be able to give you spiritual guidance, open up your wisdom, and help you to influence situations and decisions of others in a positive way as good karma, and the merits made for them will help them transcend to higher realms. Their merits can also be shared to you in return when help is needed in your path. They will again earn good merits from the process. So, the more generous you are in your merits work, the more positive change you can expect. It all works in a cycle.

It is also VERY IMPORTANT that a master truly delivers these merits (donations to charity) or else it will only create more negative karma for the master himself, and will break the entire system. And equally, donated amount cannot be returned once it has been donated, or the person who has made the promise of merits delivery will too experience the work of the law of karma. Experiencing poverty, loss of wealth and negative karma effects. Merits delivery is the true form and most powerful form essence of all powerful magic rituals. That is why many spells casters or black magic masters can NEVER help their followers to achieve success and happiness. Even if they do, the effect is guaranteed to be short-term, and negative impacts may too backfire. 

However, there will still be an intervention of your own to achieve the ultimate success. Many good opportunities may be opened for you, the removal or reduction of karmic effect will give you more clarity towards your goals. You will also have to put in effort to seize any opportunities, to sustain the good situations and continue to seed on good karma. No master in this world, not even god or Buddha can assure you of unlimited prosperity if you don’t take action or continue to seed bad karma.  

By creating this cycle, master believes that this can turn one’s negative thought to a more positive level, and can potentially lead to good karma and help followers to transcend to higher realms.

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