Deploy Nirvana– The eightfold course to MTA enlightenment

The twelve-fold(element) path to MTA (Multi-Target Application) enlightenment …

For main documents to SAP Cloud Platform Provider click on this link.

In order to reach Nirvana, sort by Nirvana (i.e. click on the Nirvana header) and refer to the levels of nirvana legend listed below.

Sort_Order Service/Language Plan/Major _ Version Cloud_Foundry( 1 ) XSA( 2 ) Nirvana Concern Description
101 application-logs lite CF=Yes XSA=No( 5 ) 2_Nearing Stream logs of bound applications to central application logging stack
201 auditlog standard/free CF=Yes XSA=Yes 9_TBD Audit log broker on the CF Platform

Nirvana Legend:

  • 1_Complete
  • 2_Nearing
  • 3_Seeking
  • 4_Seeking
  • 5_Far_From
  • 9_TBD (To Be Identified)


  • ( 1) SAP Cloud Foundry Cloud Platform on AWS United States East(VA).
  • ( 2) HANA Express Edition Version2 SPS02
  • ( 3) Being Available In SPS03: April 2018
  • ( 4) Being Available In SPS04: April 2019
  • ( 5) No but might be added with custom-made service.
  • ( 6) Experimental buildpack is available

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