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Instructions for luk kok, kumantong, nam man prai

1. When you first receive this item, please light up 5 incense and 2 candles when you first bring it into your home.

2. Offerings: Food offerings can be presented once a week. Preferably on a Wednesday or Thursday. It is important to note that food must not be raw. It should also be accompanied by lighting of a yellow candle. You may place food for about 10 minutes, and you may eat the food after that or be fed to birds or fishes.  

3. Asking for wishes: It is important to note that if you had adopted a kumantong, luk kok or Nam man prai. You have been spiritually binded to a higher spirit. You are now binded and spiritually shares the same karmic path with the higher spirit. Any of your thoughts will be heard and will be granted. It is important to practise mindfulness (especially with nam man prai or luk kok.), any forms of thoughts can be easily manifested because the ritual had binded the karma. Negative thoughts can be manifested too. However if negative thoughts are  manifested, it will too be recorded in your karmic path, and akashic records which will in turn manifest negatively in future karmic cycles. Manifestation of positive thoughts will help you to gain more merits. It is important that one should not use them for negative purpose, or negative karma will soon follow.  It is also known that the higher spirits are right above your head all the time after this ritual. Based on this powerful spiritual system, the more positive merits accumulated, the stronger and intense this system will work for you. Because only merits will charge the spirits powerfully, and such merits can be amplified to help you when you most needed. Asking for wishes is simply by thoughts language and tell them visually. Any of your thoughts will be recorded in your karmic path, and akashic records. These thoughts will be processed and manifested through the binded higher spirits. 

4. Charging the energies and care: Food offerings does energize the spirits because food has true life energies in them, such energies will continue to emit and enter into the spiritual space. However, food offerings only play a small part in energizing the spirits, merits making for yourself and for them would be the strongest and ultimate way of keeping the energies at it’s highest. Keeping these energies high is important for any forms of manifestation. It is just like a car that needs fuel to run. Merits making and delivery of merits will be the most powerful way to energize the spirits. Any of your own merits will empower the entire spiritual system and make such binding work to the fullest because both your soul and the higher spirit now shares the same exact karmic path and both the souls’ energies are binded. 

5. What are merits and why it is so powerful?
Merits are a form of energies that happens from deep within your soul. Merits come in various forms, and each form works differently in different areas of our karmic path. We, humans, are birth from energies, and we all have a spiritual origin. Various forms of energies (i.e., merits, karma) will determine our karmic paths — karma which also refers to actions. And actions are started by a thought. Also, a thought projects energies from inside us to the outside world, and into the spiritual space. These space have different levels or as we referred to as realms.
Donations towards charity and helping the less fortunate people creates the most powerful form of merits because such merits may reflect the energies of generosity, compassion, love, repentance, and gratitude. (All in one) When such charities are done with true sincerity and compassion, the energies of such merits are at the fullest. Also, such merits can be delivered to your spiritual space. The blessings and gratitude from the people who had received the donations will also evoke these positive energies, and the positive energies will also be accepted and accumulated in your spiritual space.  Other forms of merits include actions and thoughts of kindness, love, gratitude. Yes, a simple thought of kindness can also build up a form of good merit for a person. Our thoughts are energy, as told many times by master Patana in his teachings that our thoughts work in both outside and inside of us, it is an energy that can project and is recorded in the spiritual space of our akashic records. He often told us that there is no secret in this world, anything you might be thinking will be recorded, and will work in our karmic path.  Our thoughts and imagination work in parallel with our physical world, by changing and altering our spiritual space, we can change our physical world. And merits work like fuel to one’s desires manifestations. Another vital thing to note is that merits can get exhausted. It is always essential to keep building merits. 

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