Is black magic evil to practice?

Is it right to say that it is evil to practice black magic? And isn’t it against the natural law of karma? If so, why were we introduced to this dark magic?

Aj Patana’s Answer:
Dark magic or occultism were never regarded as evil if it is used with good intention. It is the intention and how it is used that makes a practice or an object good or evil. I can give you a knife, and how you use the knife and for what purpose will determine if your action is good or evil. It is the intention and it is the same with dark magic practices. It is just a form of practice that is described as dark or black magic because it is often working or harnessing spiritual energies from sources other than gods, the western countries or the internet today has made this look all bad or evil because it was widely used in a bad way or negative ways by many practitioners. Such magic is simply a practice of harnessing different sources and forms of energy. We are all energies, we emit and receive energies too. Black or dark arts magic were also often performed after sunset or in total darkness, and maybe that is why people call it black magic, and the reason why it is performed in darkness is that we humans become more receptive to external spiritual energies when it is total darkness. And the fact is the planet positioning causes a change of energy at a certain time of the day that will affect human and energies occur in different forms at a different time of the day. It is only the natural part of the human body mechanism that works with these naturally occurring energies at a different time of the day. Certain forms of stronger energies are happening after sunset for certain ritual purpose too. It is all due to the planets and stars positioning during these hours, and it is also the time when spirits become more receptive to certain forms of energies at these hours. That is the reason why people often feel a stronger presence of spirits at night. And it is also never against the law of karma if a black magic practice is used in accordance with it. So, please do not simply associate black magic as evil.