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If This Doesn't Change Your Destiny, Nothing Else Will.

Can this change my life?

Yes, absolutely. But only if you work towards the spiritual path. No rituals, gods or holy spirits can help to change your life positively if you do not self intervene towards spirituality.

(You MUST immediately flee from any masters who told you that you could experience all great abundance and love without good spiritual practice. They are either unconscious themselves about knowing the truth or they just want to keep you unconscious and hungry for more of their consultation.)

Being spiritual is a human thing.
Only being a human you can make the conscious choice to be spiritual and to get on the inner journey to seek the truth and change the outcomes.

Being spiritual also means working towards higher consciousness and doing what is morally right.

With the right actions and thoughts will bring about limitless cycles of good karma. You don’t even have to know how wealth or good fortunes should happen in your life, the guiding spirits and the gods will guide your inner spirit towards your desired abundance.

It does not mean one has to detach from all worldly affairs or to be poor; it is a wrong perception and totally misunderstood.

A spiritual person can be rich, powerful and enjoy all worldly materials.
What creates the difference is the conscious level. It is not about how much wealth you have or how poor you are that determines your spirituality.

People have the wrong idea that a spiritually attained master has to be poor, walk without shoes and should never seek convenience or comfort in life. They think that masters should have detached themselves from all worldly affairs and they should never enjoy themselves in any ways. They should suffer to be a role model to the world?
Such an idea is sick and psychotic.

One should not assume that a rich person or even a rich spiritual master to be less spiritual than a poor man. It is an inner attainment. Being an inner attainment also means that whenever needed, one could detach all worldly affairs within his mind and spirit. The conscious level is at its peak. They enjoy all materials with highest consciousness and are always ready to detach and share all their fortunes with others.

It is possible to create your destiny consciously or allow the spirits to guide your inner spirit towards unfolding your current life’s purpose.

Everyone’s life’s purpose should experience an abundance of great fortunate events, love and compassion. You are not here to suffer. Else, it would not give you a human body this life. It was the accumulation of past life’s karma that has caused the “sufferings”. Being a human is actually holy and sacred. The origin of our spirit is godly. But our physical body and mind have limited us from seeing the real spiritual truth.

Being spiritual is not the main life’s purpose. But walking the spiritual path will lead you to learn about your life’s purpose. It is a vehicle to see the ultimate truth, and you will know your purpose and be able to create your destiny the exact way you want it.

We have suffered because of how our body and mind works. These 2 entities alone (body and mind) have made up 99% of our life’s karma. The accumulation of karma of the body and mind kept us all unconscious about our purpose, and have led us to make unconscious decisions in our lives. And the accumulation of karma continues life after life through rebirth.

Only by getting on into the inner journey on the spiritual path, we can see and resolve all past karma and become totally conscious about our purpose, and then we will be able to recreate our destiny consciously.

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