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Buddhist Tales

Interpreter’s Introduction
From the Writer to the Listeners

Satanic forces in the Desert [The Correct Way of Thinking] Discovering a New Spring [Determination] The Golden Plate [Greed and Sincerity] The Mouse Merchant [Diligence and Thankfulness] The Price Maker [Foolishness]

Prince Goodspeaker and the Water Devil

[ Chapter 1. Rebirth of the Bodhisatta] [Chapter 2. The Teaching of the Gods]

Little Prince No-father [The Power of Truth] The One-hundredth Prince [Obedience to a Wise Instructor] The King With One Grey Hair [Ordination] The Happy Monk [Joys of the Spiritual Life] Appeal and Grey [A Wise Leader]

King Banyan Deer

[ Chapter 1. Empathy] [Chapter 2. Teaching]

Mountain Buck and Village Doe [Infatuation] The Wind-deer and the Honey-grass [The Yearning for Taste] The Fawn Who Played Hooky [Truancy] The Fawn Who Played Dead [Participation] The Wind and the Moon [Friendship] The Goat Who Conserved the Priest [Ignorance] The God in the Banyan Tree [A Bad Pledge] The Monkey King and the Water Devil [Attentiveness] The Tree That Acted Like a Hunter [Impatience] The Canine King Silver [Justice] The Great Horse Knowing-one [Courage] Filthy Bath Water [Cleanliness] Ladyface [Association] Finest Pals [The Power of Relationship] The Bull Called Wonderful [All Deserve Regard] Grandmother’s Blackie [Loving-kindness] Big Red, Little Red and No-squeal [Envy]

The Paradise of 33

[ Chapter 1. Co-operation] [Chapter 2. Empathy] [Chapter 3. Benefit]

The Dancing Peacock [Pride and Modesty] The Quail King and the Hunter [Unity] The Fortunate Fish [Desire] The Baby Quail Who Could Not Fly Away [Power of Fact, Goodness & Empathy] Wise Birds and Foolish Birds [Excellent Advice] The Birth of a Banyan Tree [Respect for Elders] The Crane and the Crab [Hoax] Buried Treasure [The Conceit of Power] The Silent Buddha [Generosity]

Menstruation of Mittavinda

[ Chapter 1. Jealousy] [Chapter 2. Greed] [Chapter 3. Pleasure]

The Pigeon and the Crow [The Danger of Greed] Bamboo’s Dad [Lost Guidance] Two Foolish Children [Absurdity] Watering the Garden [Foolishness] Salty Liquor [Foolishness] The Magic Priest and the Kidnapper Gang [Power and Greed] The Groom Who Lost His Bride to the Stars [Astrology] The Prince Who Had a Strategy [The Power of Superstitious notion]


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