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Buddha Stories and Lessons

Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha< img src ="https://fractalenlightenment.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/4.jpeg" >< img src="// www.w3.org/2000/svg'%20viewBox='0%200%20282%20237'%3E%3C/svg%3E"alt= "Gautama Buddha "width="282"height="237"/ > A friend who is an active member of the Soka Gakkai International, that teaches Nichiren Buddhism, an approach grounded in the truths of every day life informed me 2 narratives on Buddha. While the third story is from the documentary Liquid Crystal Vision.

So we have three short stories on Buddha and enlightenment as well as a charming flash book for you to go through to see how you can make an advantageous change in your life and the people around you.

Buddha and the Sage:
Buddha was taking a trip with his disciples when they reached the bed of a river. They sat down patiently awaiting the boat to come so that they might go to the opposite. As they were waiting an old sage strolled by them and strolled over the water ono the other side. The disciples were awe struck and when they were all in the boat they were muttering amongst themselves. Buddha understood what was following, when they asked him, “If you are the informed one how is it that you did not walk on the water.”

Buddha smiled at them and reacted, “If I had to walk across the water, what would you’ll have done. I could have strolled over the water but how would that be helpful to you?”

sarnath1sarnath1 Buddha and his Educators: When Buddha was enlightened his instructors were envious of him. Although Buddha had decided to go and pay homage to them for teaching him and sharing their knowledge they had actually conspired to disregard his existence when he arrived.

Although they chose not to welcome him when he showed up, when Buddha arrived they all stood and was up to his feet. His personality was such that it simply brought it out in them.

Buddha and Enlightenment:
As Buddha made his method up to the mountain he came across 3 individuals a male who was sitting under a tree meditating, an individual sitting in the open premises practicing meditation and a guy who was dancing away. All 3 of them were on their course to knowledge.

When the Buddha passed the very first guy he asked, “When will I get informed?” the Buddha addressed it would take atleast a thousand years to get enlightened and the man continued practicing meditation under the tree. Buddha then went by the guy who was sitting in the open, other than now the sun had actually burnt parts of his skin on his body.

He had the same question, “The length of time would it consider me to get enlightened?” Buddha informed him that it would take a minimum of another thousand years for him to be enlightened.

Hearing this, the man said, “I have to suffer so much to be enlightened”, and he continued practicing meditation in the sun.” As Buddha passed by the third individual who was dancing, he heard the same question. Yet as soon as again Buddha said, “It will take you another thousand years to get informed.”

The male had a laugh and continued dancing and at that point of time, he was informed.

All 3 stories have different morals that can be learnt from them, each one is significant in its own method. Although I have heard these stories but have not been able to discover them on the web leaves me uncertain about the precision, however the point is to take in the conclusions of, empathy, humility and enlightenment and incorporate them in our daily life.

A Buddha is a person who has outright deep empathy for every single living being, here’s a nice narrative “Rahula Leads the Way” that will teach you how to use Buddhism in your daily life!


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