Buddha Dharma

Buddhism, or Buddhadharma, is Buddha’s teachings and the inner experiences or realizations of these teachings.

Buddhism, or Buddhadharma, is Buddha’s teachings and the inner experiences or awareness of these teachings. Buddha provided eighty-four thousand teachings. All these mentors and the inner awareness of them make up Buddhadharma.

Buddhadharma does not remain in one location but relocations from one nation to another. Just as gold is valuable and rare, so Buddhadharma is valuable and extremely hard to find. Buddha taught how to analyze our mind and see which mentions produce suffering and confusion and which states produce health and happiness. He taught how to conquer the compulsively non-virtuous minds that restrict us to states of discontent and misery, and how to cultivate the virtuous minds that free us from pain and lead us to the bliss of full enlightenment. By discovering Buddhadharma, we will have the chance to gain the joy we look for and to fulfil all our momentary and ultimate wishes.


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