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Basics of Buddhism

The functions of the mind are analyzed with terrific precision in these teachings of the Buddha that originated in India over 2000 years back. Nevertheless the method to liberty lies not in an academic research study of these teachings, however instead in practicing meditation and mindfulness. The reality of suffering draws numerous to Buddha’s teachings; the mentors are not about suffering though. Rather they have to do with supreme flexibility, and the liveliness that this freedom is available to all. Strive to be a Buddha, not a Buddhist!

4 Noble Truths

1. Suffering exists
2. Suffering develops from attachment to desires
3. Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases
4. Flexibility from suffering is possible by practicing the Eightfold Course

Noble Eightfold Course

3 QualitiesEightfold Course
Knowledge (panna)Right View
Right Idea
Morality (sila)Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood
Meditation (samadhi)Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Contemplation

3 Characteristics of Presence

1. Transiency (anicca)
2. Sorrow (dukkha)
3. Selflessness (anatta)


Unwholesome frame of minds that hinder development towards knowledge.
1. Sensuous desire
2. Aversion and ill will
3. Sloth and torpor
4. Uneasyness and worry
5. Sceptical doubt

Aspects of Enlightenment

1. Mindfulness
2. Investigation
3. Energy
4. Rapture
5. Serenity
6. Concentration
7. Equanimity

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