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If This Doesn't Change Your Destiny, Nothing Else Will.

Are you prepared for a positive modification?

The letters of the Alphabet are the building blocks from which to build your brand-new and exciting future; the 5 Noble Facts act as the structure. Keep them useful and describe them frequently.1.

There is no such thing as good or bad individuals; each people is a Kid of God; some of us simply cover it up better than others. There is no such thing as excellent or bad handwriting; if you consider your handwriting “atrocious,” smile– and refer to it as “casual.”

2. The frequency with which a composing practice happens in your writing is the frequency with which the quality it represents takes place in your life.3.

In taking a look at the handwriting of someone with whom you are in a relationship, both your handwriting and the other person’s are needed if you want to discover the source of the upsets and what is activating them. Keep In Mind Noble Fact Top.4.

The degree of difficulty in the proficiency of a stroke change is straight proportional to the worth it will have in your life: The greater the difficulty, the higher the worth.5.

The moment you state with your pen that you are now willing to complete a problem in your life (release negative judgments in some regard) the attitudes you are dealing with will confront you instantly and clearly– in the type of an individual, a scenario, or a relationship.

~ These facts do not vary~


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