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An Autumnal Harvest of Buddhist Fiction

One of the important things I take pleasure in most about this blogging experience is communicating with other readers of Buddhist fiction. Recently I found out of some formerly released books I didn’t understand about, and simply recently I check out 2 brand-new works gave my attention inTricycle So September has actually been a great month for collecting details about great checks out.

Buddhist fiction blog site reader Richard Gordon emailed me to advise 3 books as works of Buddhist fiction. I get a lot of these kinds of e-mails and I normally understand the book( s) that are being advised. But I had actually not heard of any of these books, and I did not have a lot of time to browse the books myself, so I asked Richard why they believed these books were “Buddhist” fiction. The response I got was short, experienced and yet comprehensive. I was so grateful and delighted!

I will be including these books in future evaluations. They are as follows:

Tea with the Black Dragon by R.A. MacAvoy. Open Road Media, 2014.

Nothing Sacred byElizabeth Ann Scarborough Gypsy Shadow Publishing, 2011. There is likewise a follow up entitled Last Refuge.

The Old Man and the Monkey King, by Robert Durand, which as the title recommends is an extension of Journey to the West, and in specific, the part promoted asMonkey Illustrations by Leslie Morrison. California: Capricorn Press, 1972.

More just recently, Tricycle Magazine‘s fall 2021 issue offered an excerpt of Rafi Zabor’ s brand-new book, Street Legal: A Novel (debuting in December, 2021 from Terra Nova Press). You can read it here: https://tricycle.org/magazine/rafi-zabor-street-legal/

Lastly,Tricycle com released an interview with Ruth Ozeki who speaks about her newest book, The Book of Form andEmptiness Penguin, 2021.

The story has to do with a kid called Benny who starts to hear voices of ordinary things after his dad passes away. Ozeki relates that “The book takes its title from a key teaching of the Heart Sutra: “Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form.” It’s describing the idea of reliant co-arising, or what Thich Nhat Hanh calls interbeing.” https://tricycle.org/trikedaily/ruth-ozeki-book-form-emptiness/

I’m really thrilled that our contributing editor Chris Beal will be evaluating this book in the future.

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