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About Ajarn Patana

Ajarn Patana was born in 1943, he became a monk served several temples in Thailand Chiangmai for 25 years since the age of 14. He learnt about Buddhist teachings, chantings and later on went on to practicing the Lanna and Cambodian Black Magick from a Veteran master.

He developed his magical powers and ability to communicate to the dead when one of his master appointed him to take part in ritual for funeral services and due to the frequent contact with the deceased. His ability to conjure spirits helped to bring in significant amounts of donations from believers and huge amount of money were used to build temples and donated to help the poor and needy.

He left his monkhood at 39 years of age when his father was very sick, and as the only son with no help from other relatives, he needs to be home to take care of his father.

He continues practicing buddhism, and his magick while taking care of his father until his father passed away 2 years later. After the death of his father, he went to mountainous area in Chiangmai to further improve his skills as an ajarn (A Teacher, usually a religious master not in monk’s robe) and his black magick skills and ability to communicate with spirits became better each day.

He moved back to stay at his old home at the age of 51 (10 years later) and continue to serve the public and send donations to help people around. He now has about 1000+ followers from all around the world. He became more popular after this website donated
by a devotee was started few years ago. 

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