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4 Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path

Thank-you all a lot for your perseverance with my incessant questions.

It strikes me that zazen springs from the Eightfold Course.

It is obvious that there have been zen instructors who have actually hurt others by engaging in sexual misconduct and sadly a host of other improprieties.While I discover that a side

advantage of zazen for me is that it cultivates a” quieter spirit “and helps me combat the poisonous impacts of the three toxins, the eightfold path and the precepts can be essentially understood and followed by the novice of novices.So, to me it appears, that the complete practice of Zen Buddhism includes the whole of the Eightfold course with the precepts. To me it seems that an individual can have the best concentration portion of the course nailed however woefully lack if he or she lies, takes, or devotes sexual misbehavior. Even though they sit Sesshins without number, dukkha continues.Likewise, a person who strictly follows the precepts and eightfold however neglects best concentration merely follows a code of principles and suffers in duality.Am I on the best track here?< img src=" "alt =""/ > Kevin sat today

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