Greek and Roman Necromancy

In classical antiquity, there was much interest in necromancy– the consultation of the dead for prophecy. Individuals might seek knowledge from the dead by sleeping on tomb, going to oracles, and trying to reanimate corpses and skulls. Ranging over a number of the lands in which Greek and Roman civilizations flourished, including Egypt, from the Greek archaic period through the late Roman empire, this book is the very first in-depth study of the subject ever launched in any language.Daniel Ogden surveys the locations, performers, and methods of mysticism along with the factors for relying on it. He investigates the cave-based sites of oracles of the dead at Heracleia Pontica and Tainaron, in addition to the oracles at the Acheron and Avernus, which most likely included lakeside precincts. He argues that the Acheron oracle has really been long misidentified, and considers in info the customizeds attached to each site. Readers fulfill the employees– real or visualized– of ancient mysticism: ghosts, zombies, the earliest vampires, evocators, sorcerers, shamans, Persian magi, Chaldaeans, Egyptians, Roman emperors, and witches from Circe to Medea. Ogden explains the technologies utilized to evocate or reanimate the dead and to force them to disgorge their tricks. He concludes by evaluating ancient beliefs about ghosts and their understanding– beliefs that underpinned and confirmed the practice of necromancy.The first of its kind and filled with information, this volume will be of main worth to those thinking about the quickly expanding, naturally exceptional, and intellectually intriguing subjects of ghosts and magic in antiquity.Daniel Ogden is Reader in Ancient History at the University of Exeter. He is the author of Magic, Witchcraft, and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds; Greek Bastardy in the Classical and Hellenistic Periods; The Jagged Kings of Ancient Greece; Aristomenes of Messene; and Polygamy, Prostitutes and Death. He is editor of The Hellenistic World New Viewpoints.” [A] substantial contribution … Ogden handles … Mysticism … with a substantial diachronic sweep and exhaustive trawling of proof … [This] book will be indispensable to future scholars.”– Peter Green, Times Literary Supplement” The concept of raising and consulting from the dead runs throughout the history of antiquity … The dead who did return were regularly in an angry and violent mood; a hero might be required to

beat them, or a powerful magic to cause them to be gone … Ogden’s [is an] effectively cool and academic discussion of mysticism.”– Jasper Griffin, New York Evaluation of Books “Ogden’s book … makes it basic for the reader to follow and delight in the appeal( and in many cases strangeness) of the sources and the accounts of mysticism they offer.”– Julia Kindt, International History Evaluation” It is unusual and refreshing to have a look at a book of the high quality of the one under evaluation. The scope is incredible, the sources mentioned are extensive and extensive, and the author’s own biases are either nonexistent or kept totally under control. In addition, the subject is so intriguing and the author’s design is so direct and quick paced that it is tough to put the book down as soon as started … Whether one takes a seat to check out the book cover to cover or worries it as a resource tool, there will be no discontentment.”– Elise P. Fort, Religious Investigates Evaluation” For professionals, this is a gold mine of the ancient evidence on mysticism and its related modern-day scholarship.”– Option” This research study fills an open hole in the scholarship, and it is sorely needed. The fascinating product it covers has actually never ever been collected and reviewed in one volume, in spite of the existing rise of interest in ancient magic and its crossway with faith. The author’s command of the sources is exceptional. He has in fact made an extensive study of all the essential evidence, so that the defense of the topic is satisfyingly complete.”– Jennifer Larson, Kent State University

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