Ck Udom second batch Khun Paen Wat Tham Wattana Mongkol, Rayong 2th

batch Khun Pean which was consecrated in the year 2545. Product use for this unique batch Khun pean is not prai guman not prai gunika, this powder usage is more uncommon and various level of holy powder were used to developed this special batch of Khun Pean is name Kraduk Phra which suggest holy ash from” holy Buddha” ash is gather from Tibet.

He was believed to be an unique reincarnated being from the paradises and the moms and dads of Pin Yin handed the powder to CK Udom to produce amulets to assist the people.
Includes the highest amount of prai “Buddha” of the little kid monk who passed away at the age of ten years old. This batch of Roon Song(2th batch Khunpaen)was likewise were blessed for long period of time and likewise added with many old amulets Chao Khun collected throughout the years, including a number of Mae chi boon ruen amulets given to her personally to Chao Khun which is also the same product that was used to consecrated his popular first batch.Only 1000 pcs were consecrated and there are very limited pcs in the market and mainly only individuals who contributed to the temple got it. Ck Udom yant on them personally and hand mould.

Hand moulded KP which was kept in temple Chedi (Pagoda) for 15 Years. Powder By CK Udom which contain the famous Prai – Of A Reincarnated Holy Lama (High Tibet Monk). CK Udom of Wat Tham Wattana Mongkol, born in year 2497 and has actually been a monk considering that 2510. CK Udom has gained from many masters and one of the main which he learnt buddha dharma was from Mae Chi Advantage Ruen.

Mae Chi Benefit Ruen has actually been CK Udom’s close teacher and has actually taught him the magic of consecrating the famous Buddho Noi and other amulets including, Somdej, Khun Paen, Pidta and Luang Pu Thuad.

Being a close disciple of Mae Chi Benefit Ruen, CK Udom throughout the years has actually gathered not just the skills and wiccha, however likewise amulets and blessed powders and soils of Mae Chi.

Among his amulets, the most well known is Khun Paen 2545 Roon 1 and 2. Roon 1 was made 300 and 100 was provided to the famous Thai actor Tony Jaa. Just 200 was circulating outdoors in the market and thus the cost rocketed in Thailand. The popular HK star Donnie Yen is also wearing his well-known Roon 1 KP given to him by Tony Jaa. Nevertheless, Roon 2 is also as effective since it utilized same product as Roon 1.

Each private piece look various as it is hand mould & personally yant by CK Udom.

The reason why CK Udom’s KP became so popular was due to the popular powder and made long time ago (15 years). It is challenging to discover a hand mould KP that was blessed inside Chedi for 15 years of time. Most significantly, it consists of the well-known Prai – of a Reincarnated holy Lama (Tibetan monk).

Information: This is believed to be helpful for:

: Brings you terrific luck/: Betting luck(4D, TOTO, Gambling Establishment)//: Enhance your business/Attracts Opportunities/More Sales/: Boost Prosperity/Accumulate Great Fortune/Wealth(,,): Success In Investments(Shares, Forex, Etc

): Decrease Debt: Accumulate Fortune: Brings Clients To You: Go up The Corporate ladder: Give Excellent Impression To Others: Assist Find An Appropriate Job: Smooth Sailing In Career Improve Metta(Interpersonal Relationship): Become

A More Popular Individual

: Never Ever Get Bullied By Others

: Great Respect & Authority: Gain Trust From Others: Improve Six sense: Financial Success

Modification Of Bad Luck To Good: Solve Issues: Prevent Challenge/Protects Against Dangers & Damage: Dream Granting

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