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Buddha Christ
Buddha versus Christ contrast chart Buddha Christ Passed away c. 483 BCE(aged 80 )or 411 and 400 BCE,

Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, today in India 33 ADVERTISEMENT, Jerusalem Born c. 563 BCE, Lumbini, Sakya, Nepal Approximate. 07-04 B.C. Islam Islam does not mention the Buddha. In Islam as opposed Christianity, Jesus was just a prophet but likewise revered as the messiah who will return to conserve the world from the tyranny of the anti-christ.
Variation Buddhism believes in reincarnation up till one achieves knowledge and “nibbana” (or “nirvana”) after which one leaves the cycle of birth and death. The Buddha is believed to have really gotten nibbana. Confirmed in Christianity
Judaism Judaism precedes Buddhism and does not discuss the Buddha. Declined as a prophet, the Jewish people are still waiting on a Messiah to come.
Christianity Christianity does not point out the Buddha. Christianity teaches that Jesus is the Kid of God, and Saviour the world. Jesus was the developer of Christianity.
Mother and fathers King Suddhodana and Queen Maya. Dad: God, Mother: Mary
Ethnic background Indian (Shakya) Palestinian Jew
Raised in India Nazareth in ancient Israel
Born in Lumbini, Nepal Bethlehem in Judea
Birth mommy Queen Maya The Virgin Mary
Cause of death Idea to be either unexpected gastrointestinal disorder or natural causes. Crucifixion
Dad King Śuddhodana God the Daddy according to Christianity
Hinduism Many Hindus believe that the Buddha was a reincarnation of Vishnu, just like Krishna. N/A
Buddhism Buddhism teaches Gautama was the Enlightened One. He obtained knowledge through meditation, without the benefit of an instructor or mentors. His coaches are recommended to notify his fans. N/A
Marriage Prior to he renounced his family, he was married to Yasodhara and had a kid Rahula. Christ Is Married to His Church
Resurrection No declared Affirmed in Christianity
Language Pali, Sanskrit Aramaic
Monotheism The Buddha inspired people to follow his mentors: the honorable eightfold course. He did not teach about magnificent beings, a supreme God or prayer. Rather, he encouraged discovering the reality yourself through meditation. God Is Father, Kid(Jesus) and Holy Spirit
Spiritual Symbol The wheel The Cross, given that of His Enthusiasm and Death
Faiths Hinduism Judaism
Religious beliefs Established Buddhism Christianity

Contents: Buddha vs Christ

  • 1 Videos comparing Buddha and Christ
    • 1.1 Relative analysis
    • 1.2 Similarities in coaches
    • 1.3 Philosophical differences
  • 2 Books and Novelties
  • 3 Recommendations

Videos comparing Buddha and Christ

Relative analysis

This video compares the beliefs of Christianity and Buddhism and draws parallels in between the 2 faiths.

Similarities in coaches Christian scholar Marcus Borg found a number of similarities in between the coaches of Buddha and Jesus.

Philosophical distinctions In this video a Buddhist contrasts Christian and Buddhist viewpoints by narrating 2 stories about death.

Books and Novelties There are a variety of excellent books about Buddhism on Amazon.com:


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