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Why Meditate?Meditation brings calm and relaxation along with an increased capability to deal with stress and anxiety. In time, this settles the mind, providing a base for establishing understanding of one’s much deeper self and a greater capability to enjoy life. Comprehensive meditation can assist the meditator see how the mind deals with a minute level, increasing wisdom. Although lots of people typically feel benefits not long after they begin meditation, the results establish slowly after a duration of routine practice– rather like exercise. The results rely on how much effort you put into the practice.Why Buddhist Meditation?Buddhist groups can provide the experience that originates from a long, established custom– stemming with the Buddha over 2,500 years back. With specific and time-proven approaches of meditation, the differing traditions each present somewhat numerous strategies, while holding to typical ethical frameworks You do not need to be a Buddhist, and even especially thinking about Buddhism to go to a Buddhist meditation class and most groups are not thinking about converting those who want to learn meditation.(In some customs, monks are just enabled to teach when asked to do so). Selecting a group There are lots of sort of meditation and just as various groups for you to sample. Do not be shy about try out the various groups till one appears right for

you. Follow your common

sense about the groups and what they offer. Are you comfy with the instructor(if there is one ), the group, and the tradition? Trust your own impulses about whether this is the best method for you. Is there openness, genuineness, regard for other groups and traditions?If you’re looking at trying meditation for the first time, or if you would much like some recommendations on choosing a meditation group in Cambridge, do not hesitate to call us.Groups CU Samatha teaches a meditation on the breath for establishing calm, clearness( samatha and vipassana)and mindfulness. The customized is Theravadin (southern )Buddhist, however the University classes teach meditation, not Buddhism. There are 2 types

obviously: a continuous weekly structured meditation course, which checks out numerous aspects of practice, and quick preliminary courses. The quick courses work either as an intro to basic meditation and mindfulness, after which you can sign up with the ongoing course, or as stand-alone courses for assisting with stress and anxiety. The classes are absolutely free. For information, see CU Samatha Society.The Triratna Buddhist Community(formerly the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order)have a centre in Cambridge at 36-38 Newmarket Street where they hold a number of meditation classes. On Tuesdays and Thursdays 1.05-1.55 pm they hold drop-in classes where novices can find

meditation, and those with more experience can meet and meditate together. These sessions are free and cushions are offered. The centre runs routine courses on Meditation and Buddhism. There is likewise a weekly students’group which is marketed in University. Other activities at the centre consist of a Puja on Fridays.The Cambridge Serene Reflection(Zen)Meditation Group.We are a group practicing in the Soto Zen custom, connected to the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. We welcome people from other Buddhist or non-Buddhist customizeds, or individuals who have no spiritual association, who are comfy following these types and practices.We meet on the second and 4th Tuesday

of the month, at night, at the Buddies Fulfilling Home in Hartington Grove. Beginners are welcome, just let us(email)or (email)know so we can go through things prior to you begin. We get together to practice meditation, share readings and experience: to practice. Sometimes we have a go to and talk from a Monk, to listen and speak to him or her about their teaching

and advice.The Community of Interbeing meditation group fulfills on Wednesday nights, and also holds a day of mindfulness when a month(the 3rd Sunday). Following the mentors of the Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, the group practices sitting and strolling meditation (20 minutes each sitting, walking, sitting)typically followed by a reading. Twice a month there are conversations on the Buddha’s mentor and individuals show each other how their practice is going. There is no main mentor in the group, nevertheless newbies are welcome and can discover mentor in Thich Nhat Hanh’s books, or by going on retreat with him in Plum Town in France.The Diamond Method meditation group pleases weekly for an assisted meditation on the 16th Karmapa. These meditation classes appropriate for all who want to find out to practice meditation. For newbies there is always a short introduction to Buddhism and short guidelines on how to meditate.Other groups The Nezang Group is led by the Tibetan Lama Ato Rinpoche. It fulfills on the 3rd Saturday of monthly 2- 4pm at Trumpington Town Hall. Conferences start with a talk by Ato Rinpoche, followed by

chanting and a brief period of quiet meditation.The Cambridge Amaravati Group( e-mail)grew from a couple of regional Buddhists, who were interested in the coaches from Amaravati Buddhist abbey near Hemel Hempstead, and the other abbeys of the Forest Sangha custom-made. They please fortnightly on Sunday nights in the members homes to practice meditation together for about 45 minutes, with a brief Buddhist event ahead of time and tea and a chat in the future. The kind of meditation practiced is vipassana or insight meditation. The group operates as a way for meditators to come together, instead of as a taught class, and is open and friendly. Throughout the years individuals have joined who have an interest in various types of vipassana meditation, or in different Buddhist custom-mades totally. The group also functions as a contact point for people considering checking out Amaravati, to discover more directly about this sort of meditation and Buddhist way of life.The Cambridge Gaia House Meditation Groups(email)are three groups for people who want to practice meditation and mindful living in daily life. They practise meditation methods came from the Buddhist custom, but do not always consider themselves Buddhists. A lot of practise insight meditation, although the groups intend to provide an environment in which a variety of practices, beliefs and approaches can be aired and shared. Group members require to be self reliant enough in their practice to practice meditation for 45 minutes without guidance. The groups likewise host a variety of open day retreats each year-

see the site for details.University of Cambridge Buddhist Pastor(Dr. Rachel Harris) Bottom left, with 3 Thai monks, a previous President of the C.U. Buddhist Society and a Sri Lankan fan I have actually been a Buddhist for more than thirty years and practise and teach meditation in the Samatha Trust, a British Theravadin tradition.I run brief courses in mindfulness and meditation offered to students from any college. These lead on to an ongoing weekly group for those who wish.If you are searching for recommendations or someone to talk with about Buddhism and Buddhist practice, call us. If I can not help you myself, I will probably understand somebody who can.Email: rmh1001 Telephone: 01223 335124 ———————————–

chaplain Not doing harm Undertaking what is fantastic And cleansing the heart This is the teaching of the Buddhas Dhammapada 183’Do not go by custom … or by what you have heard (or take a look at), or by what the bibles state … or by the idea, ‘This is our expert’.

But when you know for yourselves,’These things when followed … cause damage and anguish’, then prevent doing them … When you know for yourselves,’These things when followed … trigger wellness and happiness, do them.’Kalama Sutta, Anguttara Nikaya 3.66 Contact United States Join our Customer List Join our Facebook Group!

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