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I liketraveling also l utilized to travel when I have free time in every year so l loves this journey too. Studying about Mahayana Buddhism, i have getting understand new knowledge from our 2 teachers. As individuals say that more research study more would like to know that is appropriate due to the fact that I do not understand about Mahayana Buddhism however after I study about 4 months I knew a lot so I wish to describe about these field trip as much as I understand.Visiting to two temple

I3, 9, 2012 wewent a research study

trip to two Mahayana temples for our Mahayana topic. Invited by our teacher Dr. Sutara to a distinguish Chinese Buddhist scholar, Most Ven. Dao Jian, to teach Mahayana philosophical knowledge to or 3rd years trainee at MCU, he, Master Dao Jian, really skilled in Mahayana Buddhism so we have likewise likelihood to study with him. Not just we studied in the classroom about 2 weeks but likewise we go opportunity to discover outdoors what are actually mahayan Buddhist art and mentors precisely. We went This sightseeing tour sponsor by Faculty of Buddhism to our 3rd year’s global students under the Dr. Sutara. In this journey we have also an excellent translator from china she is one of PhD candidate trainee at MCU with Our Mahayana tearcher & Master Chinese Buddhist monk used up to a first temple called Wat Bar Ron Baranuon(Dragon temple). Arrival those temple round 9.30 am on Wednesday from MCU, Ayutthaya School, the temple are very beautiful and numerous intriguing things within. We did truly gladly study journey getting view point form this temple excellent traditional art and apprehending Chinese Buddhist culture from several years ago previously. Let me introduce about this temple what I have actually gained from. Wat Bar Ron Baranuon Mahayana temple(Dragon temple)outside of Bangkok, Thailand Little Design Acts of Dragon temple

on the wall inside the temple The design of this temple

initial from China and this temple establish by Chinese lower couple. However I am really sorry since I don’t know something that period of establishing this temple. As soon as we show up the Temple, Master Dao jain described about the temple home by Mahayana Buddhist monk Chan Chu following with us around his temple.When You get in the this temple you will see first see a future Buddha surrounding by 4 universal protector is not first time for me seeing these sort of big Buddha specifically huge stomach but I do not comprehend why Buddha have big stomach considering that I was young I understood one thing that this type of Buddha is not really Buddha it is just in story who are extremely abundant individual. If somebody fulfills him he can be rich after look after those Buddha. According to Translator, he told us this is the future Buddha who is really abundant and from abundant household so on. For me wow.!!!!!!!! I never understand before this kind of Buddha who really is. Now comprehend this is the future Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism named Para Sriaryamaitreya Bodhisattva we hired Thai. Left-future Buddha, Sriaryamaitreya Bodhisattva Right-lighting for Buddha There are The four guardians(Devas)of the world. the very first one is Dhatarastra, Eastdeva who keeps his kingdom the white guardian of the east king of gandharvasndpisacas. Seond one is Virupaksa, he has The broad-eye deva, the red guardian of the west king of nagas(snakes). The third one is Virudhaka, he take South deva of boost and growth the blue guardian of south king of kumbhandhas. The last one is Vaisramana (dhanada), he control The north deva who hears much and is well-versed, the yellow guardian of the north. King of yaksas( giants). Here four image as listed below categorically.< img height =" 179"src="%5CUsers%5Cwara %5CAppData% 5CLocal%5CTemp %5Cmsohtmlclip1 %5C01%5Cclip_image010. jpg" width="291"/ >< img height=" 187 "src="%5CUsers%5Cwara%5CAppData% 5CLocal% 5CTemp%5Cmsohtmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_image012. jpg"width="275"/ > Dhatarastra Virudhaka Virupaksa Vaisramana(Dhanada)Thus four Davas will called in Theravada custom, We likewise understand those above 4 Devas are extremely effective. Because they are look after our universe from four courses of corners belief in Customs. In this case, Mahayana & Theravada have exact same beliefs. I think every Mahayana temple will be in these 4 sort of Deva. 4 Deva statues are excellent looking and make fascinating more to us may be other visitors too. Left- the male was really effective

who was safeguard and developed Buddhism in china.Right– there are 4 Bodhisattvas who were really affect in Chinese Buddhist tradition.Above of Sakyamuni Buddha images all are exact same Buddha.< img height =" 227 "src="%5CUsers%

5Cwara%5CAppData %5CLocal%5CTemp%5Cmsohtmlclip1 %5C01% 5Cclip_image026. jpg “width =”233″/ > The method of Mahayana praise, some our classmates try following by Master ToungJan.Right -the temple keeper monks shown as how to workshop in Mahayana design.

Photo, you can see donation center inside the temple and ideal side donation box is within lots of paper who had already contributed written something about blessing kind Buddha.< img height=" 255 "src ="%5CUsers %5Cwara% 5CAppData %5CLocal% 5CTemp%5Cmsohtmlclip1 %5C01%5Cclip_image032. jpg" width="393"/ > From environmental views, inside the temple there are great environment and they having lots of disperse tree around the temple. According to our lord Buddha, everybody must enjoy and conserve our environment because we can survive lots of things from forest such as food and excellent nature likewise Buddha was born and pass method

forest too. Not just temple establish tree but likewise keeping the fish proving by loving-kindness and compassion so we delighted in lunched vegetarian as well.see photo as listed below. 2nd Mahayana Buddhist temple,Bhoman-KhunaramTample We reached second temple called The bhoma-khunaram located in Soi 19 sathupradit roadway in yannawa district of Bangkok was established in 1959 by phramahakhanacharnchindhammasmathiwat (bodh-chaeng)the late abbot and head of the Chinese Buddhist order of sangha in Thailand. This temple is among the earliest Mahayana Buddhist temple in Thailand. Likewise we had see numerous interesting historic acts inside the temple. There is one things that I wish to explain Chinese historical acts that was so terrific I suggest exceptional they did.

Please view as below photos. how incredible Chinese had arts in the wall. Abbot, PhraMahaganacharyacheen, Dharmasamadhivatra(Yen-Tek)show his skilled writing We were very happy in this temple since we the abbot is extremely kind to us he said really perfectly speech and he asked to us to do not disrobe. Everyone had a good time at that time however we truly deeply believing what master teach to us and we got a written peper for each one such writing by Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha so on. This temple also supplied education center for ordinary individuals and monks. Abbot said he is developing among Buddhist University in MaechanDistric, Chiangrai province, Thailand

. Big tusk has acting many photo inside the abbot living place.

Left- PhraAvolokitesvara Bodhisattva (great bodhisattva) Right– the late patriarch of Chinese buddhist sect, establishing abbot of Bhoman-Khunaram Temple (ven.Bodh-Chaeng), deceased in the meditatied position, on 25th September 1986 at the age of 84. Currently is kept in the viharBuraphacharn.The Buddhism arts in this

beautiful temple are a magnificent cross in between Thai, Chinese, and Tibetan styles. The sophisticated artistic worth of Bhoman-Khunaram Temple has actually been commonly understood and it is often referred to as the most stunning and stunning Chinese temple in Thailand and even in entire Southeast Asia. Now Ven.Yen-Teck, the patriarch of Chinese Buddhist Sect is a abbot of Bhoman-Khunaram temple.Conclusion Understanding of Mahayana Buddhism is really impressive for me in Studying Mahayana topic is more interesting in Buddhist societies because I understand increasingly more about Mahayana and including the various cultures. These sightseeing tour likewise make me very pleased and thrilled. Whatever we believe following by diffident tradition we Buddhists have final objective that is the Nibbana. Mahayana & Theravada also belief in. but everyone needs to follow their own culture to get suitable lodging and great neighbors in daily life. Referrals:!.?.!http://!.?.!Muen Buddha Mettagunaram temple Sales brochure The Real Body of Ven.Bodh-Chaeng Pamphlet

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