Stats and Abilities in SpellForce/Black Magic

All Ability Trees Black Magicis amongst the 4 magic ability trees in thefirst SpellForce series.Attributes As an dark mage that would

both offer huge damage in addition to trigger horrible curses one would require to have lots of points in Intelligence and Wisdom to be able to do so. Simply by having enough mana one would have the ability to summon undead animals and keep dark aura outcomes. For a total summary about the variety of points are precisely required, see this post for more details. Secondary Ability Trees Like every other main skill tree, the Black Magic does

have a couple of sub-trees that would further specialize the character’s capabilities and abilities in addition to the usable devices. Death Allows the casting of dark magic dealing huge quantities of damage.


Enables the casting of summoning abilities to call undead and taking health points

. Curse Makes it possible for the

casting of curses that would minimize challenger combat efficiency.


Magic capabilities A black magic-based character would deal massive quantities of damage in

a quick time, summon great deals of undead animals to his assistance or debuff challengers with terrible curses and dark auras. There are alot of spells that would provide such effects to enhance your battle effiency considerably.Essence and Almightiness Black Essence(BoW )Utilizes Pain, Lifetap and lowered attack speed and dexterity to an opponent target for 30 seconds with a minimized strength. Black Almightiness (BoW) Uses Pain, Lifetap and minimized attack speed and dexterity
to an opponent target for 30 seconds with a better strength.


Pain Discomfort(Lvl. 1+)Deals moderate black damage to a targeted opponent. Aura of Weak Point(Lvl

. 2+)Applies an aura that decreases the strength of close-by challengers. Extinct(Lvl. 3+)Kills all challengers in the location with less life than the spells strength. Death(Lvl. 4+)Offers high black damage to a targeted opponent< img alt="Zone of Pain"src="image/gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIABAAAAAP/// yH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw %3D%3D” width=”55″height=”55″data-src=”″/ >. Plague(Lvl. 6+)Contaminates the enemy with a disease which will deal continously increasing damage. < img alt="Chain Pain" src= "image/gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIABAAAAAP/// yH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw %3D%3D"width="55"height="55"data-src=""/ > Zone of Pain(Lvl. 8+)Provides low black damage to all challengers in the targeted location. Aura of Suffocation(Lvl. 10 +)Uses an aura that decreases the endurance of neighboring challengers. Suicide Death(Lvl. 12+)Offers enormous black damage to a targeted opponent while also hurting the caster.
Death Grasp Chain Pain(Lvl. 13+, SotP)Variation of the Discomfort spell that leaps from target to target. Torture(Lvl. 13 +, SotP) Brings back health and mana to allied systems for each challenger remains in the targeted place.
Summon Spectre Cannibalize(Lvl. 13+, SotP)Brings back mana by dealing damage to the caster. Mysticism Summon Skeleton( Lvl. 1+)Summons a skeleton to help the caster in fight. Lifetap(Lvl. 2+)Deals moderate damage to the target and

heals the caster by the damage done. Death Grasp( Lvl.
Aura of Inflexibility 3 +)Improves a target so it
has a chance to withstand fatal wounds. Summon Undead Goblin (Lvl. 4 +)Summons an undead goblin to help the caster in fight. It uses Lifetap spells. Raise Dead(Lvl
Dark Banishing . 6+)Summons one undead minion for each previously living corpse in the area. Aura of Lifetap(Lvl. 8 +)Uses an aura that immediately takes life from close-by opponents. Summon Spectre (Lvl. 10 +)Summons a spectre to aid the caster in

Area of Darkness fight. It makes use of Pain spells. Feign Death(Lvl. 12 +)The caster techniques enemies into not attacking him by feigning death. Control Undead (Lvl. 13 +, SotP )Target undead challenger is managed by the caster for a long period of time. Summon Blade(Lvl. 13+, SotP)Summons a blade to help the caster in fight. It possesses high battle worths. Chain Lifetap( Lvl. 13+, SotP)Variation of the Lifetap spell that leaps from target to target. Curse Aura of Slow Battling (Lvl. 1 +) Utilizes an aura that reduces nearby opponents ‘attack speed. Poison (Lvl. 2+)Uses a long lasting however low damage black damage gradually. Aura of Inflexibility (Lvl. 3 +) Utilizes an aura that reduces opponents’dexterity. Eliminate White Aura( Lvl. 4 +)Cancels an active white aura on target opponent and prevents it to be recasted. Aura of Slow Strolling (Lvl. 6 +) Uses an aura that minimizes surrounding opponents’ running speed. Dark Banishing (Lvl. 8 +) Decreases the targets resistance versus black magic spells by a huge quantity. Aura of Torment(Lvl. 10 +)Utilizes an aura that minimizes enemies’ dexterity. Remediless( Lvl. 12 +)Avoids all healing results on the targeted enemy for a quick time. Anomaly (Lvl. 13+, SotP )Randomizes the target’s qualities. It is possible to damage or to improve their worths. Chain Anomaly (Lvl. 13 +, SotP) Variation of the Mutation spell that leaps from target to target.

< img alt="Area of Darkness" src="image/gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIABAAAAAP/// yH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw % 3D % 3D" width="55" height="55" data-src=""/ > Location of Darkness (Lvl. 13 +, SotP) Decreases the black magic resistances of all enemies in a location by a moderate amount. This article is considered a quality article!It is therefore to be thought about as total and is protected from edits for unregistered or brand-new users. If you believe that Statistics and Abilities in SpellForce/Black Magic is incomplete, please contact a conciliator or administrator.Retrieved from “ “Community product is readily offered under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise kept in mind.

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