Buddhism vs. Thai black magic … … …?

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What happens if somebody casts a Thai black magic spell on a devout Buddhist monk?Just curious to

see what individuals believe would happen.Thanks 1 years previously Preferred action Do be terrified of Black Magic you need to believe in it- Buddha

would win every time.Buddhist Monk is devout and would not be terrified – even of death as they beleive in

the after life and what great you do now will determine your fate in the after life. Confidential 1 years ago Is this like a Superman vs The Fantastic hulk question?If a guy casts a black

  • magic spell, and there is noone there to hear it ?? Confidential 4 years previously Even in Tibet throughout specific points in history it was uncertain what was the appropriate coach. Yogis would stem from India and offer inaccurate mentors. This is why it assists when there is a

    leader in the nation who is holy and is helping people concerning what is the proper method. Otherwise it ends up being turmoil with individuals mixing different guidelines and various variations and things included. You can see in all religions things are included. For example Jesus didnt teach to get rid of those who offer divorce and state they are chirstians or to boil individuals in cauldrons and abuse them. Nevertheless numerous specified these are christian techniques during middle ages times. Sometimes individuals can get far from the proper instructions. This is why its important to have traditional and ancient texts as well as family tree that is certified Confidential 1 years ago Definitely nothing will happen. You been viewing too many Thai movie, attempt viewing The Wizard of Oz or Wonder on 34th Street Source(s ): me, residing in Thailand Confidential 1 years ago

  • Black magic is all hocus pocus, simply the sluggish minded and gullible think that crap.”Ohhhh, someone waived chicken bones dipped in dog’s blood over some burning sticks, and shouted

    my name, I’m a goner

  • ” 1 decade back outstanding versus evil/you understand the result Still have questions? Get the answer by asking now.

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