The 13 Most Frightening Ghosts in Thailand

Julia Wytrazek / © Culture Trip

Julia Wytrazek / © Culture Trip

Julia Wytrazek/ © Culture Journey Thailand is understood worldwide as the Land of Smiles, however just as widespread as the uplifting grins is the widely-held belief in ghosts. Prior to taking your journey, here’s your possibility to be familiar with the scary side a little better.Krasue As soon as a lovely

lady who was

burned to death, Krasue is cursed to be completely starving for that reason activates each night searching for blood and flesh. Living as a regular person by day, by nightfall the head detaches from the body into rather the terrible sight. A floating head with viscera hanging below, Krasue will dine on animals or faeces if she can’t discover a pregnant girl or newborn, and will clean her bloody mouth on clothing hanging outdoors– which is why Thais make sure not to leave things out overnight.Julia Wytrazek/ © Culture Journey Mae Nak was beautiful, pregnant and truly in love. All was well, till her husband was conscripted to eliminate in

the war

. Whilst he was away, Mae and the child both passed away in delivering. The partner go back to find his other half and baby, and is alerted by the villagers that she’s now a ghost. The hubby comprehends when he sees Nak extend her arm out to choose something up, and he runs away. With Nak in hot pursuit, he hides among a ghost-proof plant prior to heading to the sanctuary of a temple. Nak was exorcised two times by monks, confined first of all to a container and second of all to a waistband, and it’s specified that the royal household of Thailand has that waistband today.Pret Said to be as high as a palm tree, Pret are ghosts that are popular in Buddhist folklore. Thankless and materialistic

individuals are

reincarnated as Pret, a high being with a ravenous yearnings that can’t be pleased by its small, pinhole mouth– which it made from talking back to its parents. Pret invest their days pleading for forgiveness, and are celebrated with their own celebration in southern Thailand.Krahang Idea to occupy the precise same locations as Krasue, Krahang is a male ghost who too invests his days in the guise of a common villager however changes at night.Shirtless and covered

below the waist

by a loin fabric, Krahang requires to the skies with the aid of rice baskets acting as wings, and has really been blamed for attacks on women in regional villages.Phi Pop Idea to roam around the northeastern area of Isan, Phi Pop is an afraid ghost who has the bodies of her victims and look for raw meat, prior to eventually consuming their intestinal tract systems from the within. Those who are thought to be possessed by Phi Pop need to go through an exorcism, in the form of a dance, which drives the ghost away. To this day, Phi Pop is blamed for deaths in both Thailand and Laos.Nang Tani A spectacular lady in a green conventional Thai gown and with a crimson lipstick, Nang Tani inhabits banana trees and lures males during full moons into having sex with her. Must they then betray her and like another, they’ll fulfill an untimely death at her hands. Aside from this, she’s stated to be good-hearted,

and is even said to

feed passing monks!Phi Am Any person who has in fact ever skilled sleep paralysis may wish to stop reading now. Phi Am is a ghost who is stated to sit on the chests of people whilst they sleep, setting off discomfort and even death. A way to fight them? Put on lipstick. Phi Am does not attack women, and those who believe in her presence placed on lipstick prior to sleeping to trick Phi Enjoy believing they’re female. She’ll more than likely see right through it if you have a beard, though.Julia Wytrazek/ © Culture Journey Phi Tai Hong One of the most feared and most harmful ghost enters Thailand is that of the Phi Tai Hong. Said to be ghosts of individuals who suffered violent or abrupt deaths, Phi Tai Hong are upset and harmful< img src =""alt=" Julia Wytrazek/ ©

Julia Wytrazek / © Culture Trip

Culture Trip”/ >

in their afterlife. The most feared of all are those who passed away whilst pregnant, as the existence of two spirits is particularly powerful. Blamed for haunted homes and particularly challenging to exorcise, they’re not somebody you ‘d want to please on a backstreet off Khao San Road.Phi Lang Kluang Ah, those southern Thai beaches, right? Perfect for lighting a fire, welcoming complete strangers and exchanging travel stories. Or are they? Phi Lang Kluang are ghosts in the south of Thailand who’ll join your group and will appear to be common– up until they ask somebody to

scratch their back. Upon doing so, their scary trick will be exposed; a gaping injury right through the body, festering with maggots, worms and millipedes. Beware who you share your container with.Phi Kee Kee, which equates to poop, is a ghost that inhabits your toilet, and should be spoken with prior to your toilet is made use of and after a bad dream, as doing so will see misery being eliminated from you by methods of your excrement. Possibly not the scariest of ghosts, it should have having a chat with it if you’re set on taking in definitely nothing however questionably-clean street food whilst you’re here, as there’s not much scarier than having food poisoning and access to simply a squat toilet.Kuman Thong There aren’t many things scarier than ghost kids, and this Thai variation is especially creepy. Stillborn fetuses are roasted and chanted to be a necromancer, prior to being covered in gold foil and positioned by a shrine. The ghost is then stated to follow their master’s bidding, supplying it is kept happy by putting food and toys near the fetus

. Failure to keep it

captivated or pleased will see their masters subjected to poltergeist-esque behaviour such as the slamming of door and the all-too-creepy sound of ghost kids laughing. Despite kuman thong today being typically changed with dolls, as just recently as 2012 a British entrepreneur of Taiwanese origin was discovered with 6 fetuses covered in gold in Bangkok, showing possibly the practice isn’t as dead as numerous think.Phi Phong A foul-smelling ghost who looks like a regular person in the daytime, Phi Phong feeds on unwanted foods such as frogs, needing lots of to remain inside your home if they hear the sounds of frogs nearby for fear of running into him. Whilst not particularly hazardous to people, Phi Phong will attack if threatened and there’s the risk of becoming one yourself need to you erroneously consume his saliva.Julia Wytrazek/ © Culture Journey Phi Kong Koi A one-legged ghost with an extending proboscis that repeats “Kong Koi “whilst hopping around, Kong Koi stays in forests and draws blood from the toes of campers who are sleeping. It’s encouraged to either cross your legs or sleep with something on your feet if you’re planning to camp out under the stars.

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