Pra Yod Khun Pon, A/C Friend Chaikiri, 2497 (1954) (Amulet 305)

circa 2497 (1954 )Made 2,500 pieces
Original & Really Beautiful.Rare and rarely readily available. The very best of the very best of Air conditioning system Chum.The striving collector states that this extreme
art of work of art cost a fortune.Custom made Silver frame plated with white gold.Dimensions about 7 X 8 cm including frame.For referral.
2497 Putthapiset 14th September BE2497 Ajahn Pal pariticipated in various Putthapiset. Nevertheless, the most substantial event that spiral-led Ajahn Pal’s popularity stayed in 2497

in Wat Phra Baromathat, Nakorn Si Thammarat province in commemorating the remodelling of Wat Mahattat under the initiation of Chao Khun Phra Pattaramunee, the abbot of Wat Phra Baromathat as master of the Monks and likewise Head monk of Southern Thailand. In this event, 14th September BE 2497, numerous senior monks of entire Thailand were invited for the real blessings. 108 popular monks all over Thailand were welcomed and together with 100 opportunities White Bathrobe Ajahn Kalawat headed by Ajahn Friend. Ajahn Khun Pan was invited and taken part in the occasion. The blessing procedure lasted four weeks. Week 1-Shouted for Metta Maha Niyom (Loving Compassion and Beauty), Week 2– Screamed for Kongkapan(Body Protection ), Week 3-Maha Utt(Defense from Defense )and Defense from Animal and Insects

Week 4-Protection from Evil Spirits, Black
magic and Health issue. Popular monks included: Chao Khun Phra Pattaramunee,
the abbot of Wat Phra Baromathat as master of the Monks,
Phor Tan Klai (Wat Suan Khan) Luang Phor Opasi (Arsrom Bang Mod )Luang Poo Keaw (Wat Hrong Bon) Luang Por Daeng(Wat Tha Sala )Luang Por Kling(Wat

Thalung Thong)Luang Por Pahl (Wat Khao Or)Luang Por Kong(Wat Bahn Suan) Luang Por Dis (Wat Pak Sra )Luang Por Mun (Wat Khao Daeng)Luang Por Tune (Wat Chao Fa Sala
Loi)Luang Por Peum (Wat Koh Lak)
Luang Por Daeng (Wat Khao Bandai
It)Luang Por Nguen (Wat Don Yai Hom
)Luang Por Tae (Wat Sam Ngam)
Ajahn Nam (Wat Don Sala)
Ajahn Pan (Wat Kao Or)
Ajahn Yied (Wat Don Sala
)Ajahn Friend Ajahn Nam Kaew chan and
Ajahn Khun Pundarak Rajadej and so on. Much more
… At the consecration 4 ancient souls were likewise welcomed to bless with spiritual
power to the amulets, they are; Luang Phor Thuad(in the body of
a lover)
Ajahn Tongtao( in the body
of a fan)
Luang Por Kong(Kun Paen Master, looked like a kid in white)Khun Paen(looked like a boy in white)In

this 2497 batch, numerous spiritual products were included:-One thousand years of age spiritual powder of Wat Khao Or-Sacred powder kind Wat Changhai, left over from 2497 Wat Chaing Hai Luang Pu Tuat -Spiritual powder ground from ancient amulets collected from 108 Thai temples. -Leklai, the spiritual ore that Ajan Good friend drawn out the Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi part in the sacred cavern at Khao Or-Specifically made by using Powder
of Luang Por Kong, Ancient master of the real Kun
Paen-Unique powder of Metta Maha Niyom, Maha Sanay (Beauty).-Mixed with Khun Paen Master Luang Por Kong ashes-Kun Paen amulet Yod Kun Pon that Luang Por Kong made for Kun Paen to hang
on his neck during the war.- Luang Pu Tuat left over Powder was contributed by LP Tim of Wat Chiang Hai after the very first batch ceremony
of LP Tuat on 18th April 2497- Many broken ancient amulet pieces The event was finished in accordance with the Ancient Spiritual Text and those who wear the amulet and able to keep the precept standards, they will be completely safe and safeguarded from the forecasted evils of the world that Ajahn Friend had in fact predicted and many wonders will become a reality if you have the faith
and think. This series of amulets consisted of a variety of various pims, and total quantity of amulets consecrated were 84,000 pieces:-Pra Yod Kun Pom-Pra Buddha Nang Tra-Pra Kun Paen-Pra Sam Pra Pan Tai -Pra Klip Bua-Pra Leela-Pra Buddha Kwak-Pra Jinaraj Tah Reua-Pra Jinaraj Tah Reua Lek -Pra Pan Thai Karok Kra Tay -Pra Somdej- Pra Nang Tra-Rien Na Senior Prom Bai Makam Tep Nimit- Pra Luang Phor Thuad Pratub Bartnum Prabuddhamont Mahayant Dharmaraj– Nam Moon Baht Size -Pra Luang Phor Thuad– Amulet size Ajahn Kong Sirimatho

passed to Ajahn Friend the Pong Leklai powder which was a major part of the composition for Luang Por Tuat amulets. In 17th July 2555 news defined that
a Military officer use this Pra Kun Paen, Luang Pu
Tuad and Tha Ruer
by Ajahn Pal. He was one
of Troop in Southern Thailand who
made it through from the 5
kg bomb under the roadway area that his cars and truck gone by. 2 of his
2 soldier friends got seriously
hurt, however he wasn’t hurt at all
. Many others reported that after wear
this Kun Paen, their sales turnover increased often times, some got substantial job, some striked lottery game and some can rapidly woo lady friend in quickest time. 2497 Putthapiset Amulets Yod Khun Pom -Yod Khun Pom actually suggests Fantastic General or Great Field Marshal The legend behind this amulet are: In 2496 July, Ajahn Buddy had a

imagine Luang Por Kong who notified Ajahn Pal that he was the master of Kun Paen around 1500 BE earlier and Ajahn Friend was likewise among his disciple in few of his previous lives. The function of his coming was to request Ajahn Good friend to make amulets to safeguard the worthwhile in the upcoming deteriorating age where there will be natural catastrophes, wars, scarcities

and epidemic befalling humanity. He notified Ajahn Friend that throughout the war times, Kun Paen would have lots of girls throughout the night, even on the eve of engaging the enemy in the following early morning. Concerned over Kun Paen

safety, Luang Por Kong made the Yod Kun Pom
and told Kun Paen to hold on his neck and not to let any lady touch it. Kun Paen had

never considering that lost any war. He informed Ajahn Friend where to discover the Yod Kun Pom together with his ashes and spiritual powder of more than a thousand years. Together with Ajahn Kong, Ajahn Friend managed to find the pagoda in Suphanburi where Luang Por Kong ashes was buried.

After getting the authorization from Department of Arts, Ajahn Pal dug out the remains. Back house, Ajahn went into Samadhi to seek consent to make Yod Kun Pom in the original mould. Authorization was declined but was finally licensed after three demands. Nonetheless, under the condition that the Yod Kun Pom amulets can just be hand moulded start with dawn till sundown within a day. Thus simply 2500 pieces were made. 99 pieces were pasted with gold mould. The Yod Kun Pom was primarily dispersed to the monks, Ajahns and disciples after the occasion. About Ajahn Buddy Chaikiri Ajahn Pal was born in BE2450( 1907 )in a household of Military Soldiers. Ajahn Buddy Chaikiri is the fantastic grandchild of Khun Chaikiri(Khun show nobility). Khun Chaikiri was a Khao Or disciple who helped Phraya Chuattukaraj, the guv of Phatthalung Province to secure Phatthalung Province and Southern Thailand from an intrusion of Myanmar army about 250 years back. Khun Chaikiri has lots of kids and children. He studied white magic from Wat Khao Or and later on taught the art to

his kids. Among Khun Chaikiri’s children with the name”Muean Siri Panpirun” find out the art of white magic from him and more his research studies on the art from Wat Khao Or. He too has numerous kids and among them is the daddy of Ajahn Buddy. Ajahn Buddy’s dad was a soldier and guv in Khao Chai Young boy district of Phatthalung city. Ajahn Buddy Chaikiri’s daddy was the friend of Luang Por Kong, Wat Chaimongkol in Songkhla

province. Luang Por Kong came
to see the infant after he was borned and many people referred to greet Ajahn Buddy’s father, given that he was so popular, Luang Por Kong provided the name” Buddy “to him which indicates popular. At a young age, Ajahn Chum had a huge interest in magic and studied magic from his daddy and household. When Ajahn Buddy was 5 years of ages he can cast a spell to hypnotize toxic snake to stop it from opening its mouth, in addition to shutting the family pet canine’s mouth so that the canine can’t bite. When he was a little older around 7 years of ages, he discovered how to cast a spell of 11 words to a hand gun and the gun will be entered pieces upon shooting. This occurred in an event when his dad’s good friend coworker related to his home and left his weapon on the table. Ajahn Buddy took the opportunity to perform what he had actually found. So he took the gun on the table and started

to cast the spell. Nonetheless prior to even attempting to shoot, the weapon paved the way and was broken. Ajahn Pal’s dad’s friend raged and notified him not to make use of that spell unless in danger. This reveals that Ajahn Pal had actually mastered the art so well that even previous to trying to fire the weapon, it will give way. Ajahn Good friend had a terrific ability to learn white magic and he could get actually quick. He has the capability to perform a lot of magic that normally would take double and even triple the time to master. He first checked out Ajahn Tong Tao to advance his research study under Ajahn Tong Tao tutelage. By then Ajahn Tong Tao was already very old, he started Ajahn Buddy but referred him to Ajahn Yied who was a direct disciple of Ajahn Tong Tao. Nevertheless Ajahn Yied wasn’t please with Ajahn Friend as he would always have a different lady by his side. Ajahn Buddy then look for the aid of his buddy, Khun Pan Tharak Rachadej who was a disciple of Ajahn Yied, to be a guarantor for Ajahn Pal’s behaviour. Afterwards, Ajahn Friend started to enhance his research study on the art of Khao Or from Ajahn Yied who later on wound up being the abbot of Wat Donsala. When Ajahn Pal was twenty years old( 2470 ), he wound up being a monk under Luang Por Kong at Wat Chaimongkol in Songkhla province and research study Dhamma from Luang Por Kong. He advanced his magical research study from Khao Or. When Ajahn Chum was a monk

he became friend with Ajahn Kong of Wat Restriction Suan who was similarly a disciple of Ajahn Yied. In the beginning Ajahn Buddy intended to wind up being a monk for 1 year nevertheless remained as a monk for 15 years. Ajahn Friend was exceptionally popular when he goes to Pintabat and got lots of offerings. In 2484, age 34, under advice of Ajahn Kong, Ajahn Pal produced his very first batch of amulets with the support of Ajahn Yied who offered him a few of the balance”Phong Mahawan”to be blended in the powder formula. Ajahn Yied, Ajahn Kong and lots of Kao Or’s Masters joined him in the blessing occasion. Lots of individuals mentioned that using Ajahn Pal’s Pra Buddha Nimit is comparable to wearing Ajahn Yied’s Phra Kleep Bua Mahawan. Ajahn Pal copied ancient amulets such as Tarul and Nangta to acquire at Pra Buddha Nimit. When Ajahn Friend was 35 years of ages, he left the Buddhist monkhood( 2485 )and got wed. Even after he left monkhood, his interest

to study white magic did not end. As long as he ended up being aware of any popular Ajahn or Luang Por, he will not hesitate to go and pay his respects to them and learned from them. Once when Ajahn Pal stumbled upon an old male in the mountains and followed this old guy in discovering white magic for 3 years. At the end of 3 years, the old male taught him simply 2 spells of 4 words.”NA UT AH MI “and “Bachelor’s Degree SU WU CHA”. These 2 spells made Ajahn Buddy recognized that a person’s belief is above all. He assisted Wat Khao Or, Wat Limitation Suan and more than 200 temples to produce amulets for fund raising which is why the people of Southern Thai supplied him a title of ‘The Magician of Khao Or ‘. When Ajahn Good friend stayed in his fifties, he was seriously ill. Ajahn Kong chose to pass on a few of his life-span to Ajahn Good friend with his meditation wicha and suggestions Ajahn Friend to continue assisting people and the temples. Nevertheless Ajahn Kong prohibited Ajahn Buddy from making Buddha amulets for commercial profit which Ajahn Chum kept his pledge till he passed away. Ajahn Kong died in 2516 and Ajahn Pal wound up being a monk on 2517 for 1 year in

gratitude of Ajahn Kong. In the very same year 2517, Ajahn Buddy developed a batch of amulet rian of himself in monk bathrobe. On 2518, Ajahn Buddy derobed and his household relocated to Bangkok. He produced the batch of Pidta coin with Ajahn Good friend face behind in 2518. There are 2518 pieces made. It was concurred in between Ajahn Friend and Ajahn Kong that whoever made it through will keep the amulets they developed together. In Bangkok, Ajahn Friend opened a Wicha School of Magic (Samnak Kunjae Saiyasak )where he taught his trainees on Maha Ut and Kongkapan. Throughout the peak, he had more than 100,000 students. Ajahn Pal taped all the started trainees names in a big log book as a show of credibility of discipleship and to track anyone who misbehave or abuse the wicha Ajahn Friend taught. All amulets produced by Ajahn Pal were in between 2484 -2524

. From 2484- 2516 he produced just Buddha amulets as his ensured to Ajahn Kong for Temple fund raising. After 2516 onwards, he produced Buddha amulets on demand by Buddhist masters. Ajahn Pal ended up being ill and he passed away on 9th August 2525( 1982, 75 years of ages )due to kidney failure. Throughout his funeral procession, many monks, Ajahn and disciples pull the 2 30 meters ropes of the Casket van to send him off. The number of individuals who concerned the procession was as much as the crowd in Ajahn Khun Pan funeral service. The very first person who pulled amongst the rope was a young Singaporean disciple

. Ajahn Buddy undecayed body stayed in a glass coffin in his samnak. He wore the popular Yod Khun Pom on his neck. His body was later on cremated together with his spouse’s body after she passed away. Both together forever. Ajahn Buddy lived his life as an ordinary Ajahn who followed the Dhamma practice and kept his precepts pure. He had actually never ever used his wicha to produce damage purposefully, to collect wealth and draw in women even its as easy as a breeze of his fingers with his Wicha. Ajahn Friend had one kid, a god kid and 3 children. Both his child, Ajahn Na Long Li and his god kid discovered Ajahn Pal Wicha. His significant other, Khun Mae “Ser”learnt and specialised in the Wicha of Metta and Chok Lap. Ajahn Friend and his household Ajahn Na Long Li passed away in his fifties from head injury, he struck his head while coming down the stairs and passed away instantly. His god boy died right after. Among his kid was wed and the other 2 are spinsters. None of them discovered any of his wicha. Currently as in 2558 his children are still living and reports had it that the daughters are building a temple and remaking their daddy amulets. These reports were rejected by the kids as they do not have any knowledge on wicha and amulets makings. Bulk of Ajahn Pal’s earlier disciples were Thai and a good deal of disciples are from Singapore and Malaysia. In the sixties to seventies, many Singaporean taken a trip to please Ajahn Buddy to be his disciples and acquired from him. The majority of these senior disciples have handed down. Apart from the Wicha School, Ajahn Good friend wasn’t popular in Bangkok and North Thailand,

other than the temples and Monks who understood Ajahn Pal and dealt with him to blessed amulets. Until the Jatukam fever when people began to see photo of Khun Pan sitting behind Ajahn Pal in 2497 grand occasion. Individuals then began to gather information on Ajahn Buddy and begin to include his life and amulets on media.

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