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Spirits Candle Light Ministry Herb Magic Yronwode Organization The Thai name for a penis amulet is palad khik, which suggests”reputable surrogate penis.”These little charms, balancing less than 2’in length, are used by kids and males on a waist-string under the clothes, off-center from the genuine penis, in the hope that they will draw in and soak up any magical injury directed toward the generative organs. It is not unusual for a person to use numerous palad khiks at one time, one to increase betting luck, for instance, another to bring in women, and a 3rd for invulnerability from bullets and knives. With the exception of designs # 7 and 15 shown below, ladies in Thailand do not normally utilize palad khiks, nor exists a Thai equivalent of the vulva amulet for them to make use of– although a circular disk amulet called a chaping is worn by young girls to protect their genital locations from wicked forces.

The palad khik amulet is stated to have actually originated in the Siva linga of India and to have been imported to Thailand by Cambodian monks in the 8th century AD. Early designs of palad khik bear engraved invocations, entreaties, and praises to Siva; later on ones incorporate these with interlineated invocations and praises to Buddha; modern ones bear uniformly Buddhist engravings, inevitably composed in an old kind of script that can not be read by modern Thais.

Palad khik amulets shaped from wood, bone, or horn are made by monks who concentrate on their manufacture, and the effectiveness of a used amulet is dependant on the appeal and reliability of its developer. The lettering of the engravings is a matter of extreme regular and can take numerous days to end up. Cast metal palad khiks do not always bear engravings, however they may bring the extra meaning embodied in an animal holding the penis.

Although palad khik amulets are not developed especially to use in love spells, among American diverse pagans, witches, and magicians, they are frequently utilized that method at today time.

This penis amulet is 1 1/2 “long and cast in bronze.( It is also used in sterling silver. )It is the primitive”penis animal,”sculpted in the form of an erect penis with the crouching rear quarters of a lion, its tail arched over its back to form a loop for hanging. It is decorated with Buddhist principles and ancient Thai lettering. The crouching animal style of this” lion-haunched” penis-animal is reminiscent of penis amulets of the late Roman age, nevertheless there is a clearly Asian character to the decor and lettering.

This penis amulet is 1 1/2 inches long and cast in sterling silver.(It is likewise available in bronze.)This amulet represents Hanuman, the Monkey God of the Hindus, bent upon an erect penis, his tail bridged his back to form a hanging loop. When you turn the amulet over, you can see that Hanuman has his own little erect penis on the underside of the appeal.

This is among the CUTEST amulets i have ever seen in my whole life. I was so taken with it that i was transferred to KISS IT 3 TIMES– finest prior to the eyes of the rather entertained old gay guy who offered it to me. This amulet is adorable the approach ladies specify the word charming: it is Kee-yooooooooot. It is, in reality, charming.

This penis amulet is 2″ long and cast in brass. It remains in the form of a tiger treading the shaft of a penis. Like the monkey on the Hanuman beauty, the tiger is equipped with his own little penis and testicles on the underside of the amulet. Strangely, the tiger’s penis is human, not feline, and it proportionately rather large.

This penis amulet is 3/4″long and cast in pewter. The penis, which bears no inscriptions, emerges from coiled snail shell, producing a subtle visual pun on the look of a snail. A buddy who saw this amulet asked,”What’s it for? To avoid early ejaculation?” Frankly, i have no principle.

This penis amulet is 2″long and cast in bronze. It shows a crocodile surmounting a large, uninscribed penis, the downturned tail of the animal forming a hanging loop. Unlike the monkey and tiger amulets, the crocodile has no testicles or penis of its own. Another good-looking Thai penis amulet is this one, hand-carved of black buffalo horn. It is 2 1/4″ long and is carefully etched with Thai script. Inside each one there is a secret addition, a bead or seed that rattles when the amulet is shaken.

This penis amulet is 2 3/4 inches long. It is hand-carved from jackfruit wood and inscribed with Buddhist invocations. On the penis a naked girl is bent backward in the yoga position called “the bridge.” This design of palad khik is the simply one carried by females, who put it in their bags as a kind of fantastic defense to dissuade purse-snatchers and ward off attacks by guys.

This penis amulet, although typically is made from brass, is revealed here cast in white plastic resin. It is 1 3/4 inches long and looks like the lion-haunched and inscribed design # 1 amulet other than that the mindset of the penis is “perkier” and the testicles are so large that they suspend well listed below the haunches. The addition of an eye on each side of the glans and a flaring corona expressive of ears gives this palad khik the look of an adorable kid’s toy, a little bunny-penis, as it were.

This penis amulet is 2 1/4 inches long and it features a strangely appealing smiling lizard half-asleep on the penis. Remarkably, the lizard has actually 2 symmetrically arrayed tails. My Thai infomant notifies me that this is a visual recommendation to another Thai lucky sign, the “breeding lizards” of fertility and success. For a different lizard on a penis, see amulet # 18.

This penis amulet is 1 1/2 inches long, a bit smaller sized than the other metal ones, and the flexing black panther it bears is similar in idea to the tiger in style # 3, nevertheless this one was shaped by a better artist and is incredibly naturalistic in info; the penis is certainly uncircumcised.

This penis amulet is 1 3/4 inches long and cast in bright brass. It consists of a lion-haunched” penis animal”installing a larger penis. The penis animal’s own small penis and testicles are exposed on the underside of the amulet, making this one a “triple penis” appeal. It has really raised engravings in ancient Thai lettering.

< img align="right" width="90"height ="239"src =""/ > This penis amulet is 1 1/2 inches long. Cast in intense brass. It differs from the others shown on this page due to the truth that it is not a hanging amulet but a pocket piece that stands upright on its base, potentially copied from an old-fashioned gold weight. On the front a naked woman with wild hair is bent backward in the “bridge” yoga asana. From below, a huge penis enters her yoni. The rear end of the statuette depicts a curling vine ending in a leaf, which apparently represents the flow of kundalini energy up the spine. Along the sides there are raised religious inscriptions and smaller sized curling vines. Like penis amulet # 7, this one too is brought by women for wonderful defense, along with by males who try to find sanctuary in Shakti, the female spiritual concept, or who worship Devi, the goddess.

This little penis amulet can stand upon its base as a tiny altar-piece, or hang as a pendent from a loop on the back. Cast in bronze, it depicts the Thai goddess Nang Kwak and is a small however exceptionally comprehensive 1″high. Nang Kwak wears the glans of a human penis as a hat and kneels with a bag of money in her lap, which she grips firmly in her left hand. Her right-hand guy is raised in a gesture familiar to many people– the customer-drawing gesture made by the Japanese good luck appeal called the Beckoning Feline– and her resemblance to the Beckoning Cat is enhanced by the feline tail that includes her back and forms the piece’s hanging loop. Nang Kwak is used, as one might anticipate, to bring in wealth to a business.

This penis amulet is 2 “long and cast in brass. Like amulet # 7, it illustrates a naked yogini in the asana called”the bridge,”laying atop a lion-haunched”penis-animal.”As with all of the penises which depict naked yoginis, it is suitable for males who want to reveal commitment to Sakti and can also be brought by ladies to safeguard themselves from hooligans and rapists.

This penis amulet is a tiny kid penis cast in brass, just 1″ long. As revealed by its little size and non-erect position, it is an appeal that moms and dads put on male children and young kids. It is stated to secure their genital locations from destructive spells or the envious look of childless women.

Here’s a penis amulet that is a mere 3/4″long, cast in nickel-plated brass. Like all”child penises,” it is suggested to be used by infant young boys, however in this case, the duplicated penis hints double-strength wonderful defense for male kids in addition to good luck and financial luck.

This penis amulet is a double-tailed lizard, derived from the precise same Thai legend of the breeding lizards that produced penis amulet # 9. Cast in bronze, it is 2″ long, and the lizard that sits astride a lion-haunched “penis-animal” is of a skinnier types than # 9, its body exceptionally attenuated, with fragile, pad-like fingertips. This amulet is used to produce fertility and success.

Here is a set of 12 really little penis amulets, one for each of the Powerful Animals of the standard Chinese Zodiac. Each tiny talisman is 1/2 inch in length and has a little hole for hanging, under the animal’s chin. These appeals are small adequate to be utilized as earrings, or very quietly brought in the bag or awaited own’s workplace.

The total set of lucky appeals for every year of the Chinese Zodiac is cast in brass with a silvery surface, and the detail on the amulets is impressive– but not truly scannable at this size. From delegated ideal and resulting in bottom, the Chinese Zodiac animals depicted are the Ox, the Animal, the Rooster, the Boar, the Dragon, the Rat, the Horse, the Tiger, the Goat, the Snake, the Monkey and the Hare.

These penis charms are utilized for cash luck, gambling luck, company success, and fundamental success. Normally one continues the individual or hangs in a workplace the animal whose year it is. This continues for one total lunar year, after which the talisman is changed for the next animal. After 12 years, he cycle repeats itself. Nevertheless, there is absolutely nothing to stop a more flamboyant individual from producing a necklace or maybe an appeal bracelet with all 12 Chinese Zodiac animals.

My own individual collection of penis amulets, each cast in a different colour, makes a captivating visual enhance to my copper Inexpressible Lucky Beauty and i gladly keep them completely with my bronze foliated Roman penis amulet in a rusty iron wall-altar to enhance the metal design. Possibly a gold yoni amulet stays in my future?

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