Mega Ghost Celebration: Black Magic

Test Your Courage in “Mega Ghost Event: Black Magic”October 18– 31, 2019, at Mega Plaza, 1st Flooring of Megabangna

This Halloween, Megabangna attempts the brave minds to go into the world of strange Thai black magic in “Mega Ghost Festival: Black Magic” in between October 18 and 31, 2019, at Mega Plaza, first floor of Megabangna.Their objective is to

get in”Tamil Dhevalai “, the black magic estate with 8 spine-chilling areas in a wicked street. This dark location, loaded with eerie stories, is awaiting fearless people to dominate it. The challengers who can leave from this estate will make a possibility to win rewards worth over 100,000 baht.Held for 6 consecutive years, Mega Ghost Festival increases the degree of frightening each year. This year, the occasion presents Thai beliefs in black magic amulets with the imaginary story of “Tamil Dhevalai “, the black magic mansion in a wicked street. Individuals flock to this location to wish for popularity, fortune, power, and popularity. When their dreams were granted, many forget to keep the promise they made in return of those dreams. Then, they need to deal with the most terrible result. Megabangna restored a larger” Tamil Dhevalai”that covers the whole place of Mega Plaza. The brave ones are credited enter 8 spaces in the mansion. Initially, they need to pass the Hall of Spells at the entranceway of Tamil Dhevalai. The faithful of Arjarn Tamil come here to get amulets without comprehending that this location is cursed and damned. It is haunted by countless spirits that might not fulfil their warranties. Next, the scrapyard of damaged spirit homes is the ideal hiding place of evils. Then, the oppositions will stroll along the Course of Spirits in the apart forest. Numerous spirits haunt this course in the hope that kindhearted individuals will make benefit for them. Unfortunately, simply sinners select this course and leave their hopes in vain. In the Wicked Street, a little neighborhood as quickly as situated here was struck by something horrible, causing the residents to leave their houses. So, there are just evil spirits caught within, waiting to be launched to retaliate. Next, brave minds must go into the scrapyard of inauspicious items restricted to those wearing black magic amulets. If they can be found in contact with these products, the black magic will turn versus them. This estate is also haunted by ghosts of the coming, overwhelmed with a desire for revenge. If the owners take excellent care of them, all desires will be approved. Nonetheless, stopping working to do so will affect their lives. The frightening will end in Room 7 and 8, which keep the most frightening secret, prior to the oppositions can get away from Tamil Dhevalai.Fearless individuals are attempted to sign up with “Mega Ghost Event: Black Magic” in between October 18 and 31, 2019, from twelve noon to midnight at Mega Plaza, very first flooring of Megabangna( for those aged 13 and over only). Tickets cost 300 baht each. Specifically for Megabangna Application clients, they can acquire the tickets for just 200 baht. For ticket booking, please visit from today to October 31, 2019. To find out more, please call 02-105-1000 or go to

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