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This Thai amulet-LP Chek Phra Khun Paen, highly blessed by LP Chek of Wat Nok and LP Pern, Wat Bang Phra in year BE 2542. This is a very unusual double face Khun Paen amulet which is register with blessed by LP Pern of Wat Bang Phra making this thai amulet to b extremely powerful. Highly recommended.This thai amulet Khun Paen is made from holy powders that LP Chek gathered around Thailand temples. It is blended with chalk powder from hand composed yant by LP Chek to produce this batch of amulet. This batch of LP Chek Khun Paen amulet is no longer provided at the temple due to the fact that it is made in a restricted quantity and blessed by reliable monk LP Pern and LP Chek. Due to its shortage, it is extremely difficult to find now.This series of LP Chek Khun Paen amulet have in fact been

reblessed from LP Chek prior to we obtain from the temple. This Thai amulet likewise comes with a temple box. I extremely suggest you to have this amulet due to the fact that it is incredibly unusual. Extra Details:-LP Chek of Wat Nok-He understands Visha
LP Pern and well-known to

making numerous efficacious amulets. LP Chek went to Wat Bang Phra and ended up being disciple of LP Pern for several years. He has in fact been well known as a monk who has been established good amulet from Wat Nok. Thai Amulet Code: STA10025 Master: LP Chek & LP Pern Temple: Wat Nok Special: This unusual and effective LP Chek Khun Paen, strongly blessed by LP Chek of

Wat Nok and LP Pern

of Wat Bang Phra in year BE2542, direct from temple. This LP Chek rian is created from holy powders which LP Chek gathered around Thailand temples and mixed with ashes of incenses. Besides that LP Chek likewise included this batch of thai amulet with chalk powder from his hand composed yantra. I highly recommended this LP Chek Khun Paen amulet.Effect: Remarkable to bring prosperity and success, wealth fetching, excellent relationship with individuals, more lovely, get rid of difficulties in life, bring outstanding money luck, helpful for security from damage and risk, and improve service luck.Amulet Status: *** SOLD. Thanks for assistance Rate: SGD 49 Get It Now: SGD 32(FREE Shipping, We Ship Globally)Payment: Paypal, Credit Cards, Maybank, Public Bank, Alliance Bank (For bank transfer or bank in deposit, please call me )Contact: specialthailandamulets@gmail.com!.?.!We Concentrate on Thai Amulet, Good

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