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< img src ="" > Store” Archan Friend Chaikiri Phra Khun Paen Phim Yai-Ajahn Pal Chaikiri -BE 2497 Wat Phra Baromathat, Nakhon Sri Dhammaraj Province An extremely unusual and gorgeous Phra Khun Paen by Ajarn Pal Chaikiri BE

2497. Phra Khun Paen were made and blessed only 2,000 pcs, really unusual nowdays.At the back with very popular Yant Na Khao Ha. At the bottom insert a well-known Takrut Rat beverage Feline’s milk called NuKin Meaw Num hand composed by Ajarn Friend himself. With 916 Gold case. History Powder made from old YodKhunPol powder that Ajarn Khong utilized to produced ancient Khun Paen, Ajarn Khong informed Ajarn Good friend through the Average to go to collect the powder to develop amulet by his strategy for honor the

Half of

Buddhist Age( year BE 2500), so Ajarn Chum has establish these Khun Paen amulets in the exact same ceremony of Phra Baromathat from spiritual powder of 108 kru, however limited just 2,000 pcs.This series of pims produced in BE 2497 were made from neua din combined with useful herbs and sedges, very much the like the structure of the ancient pims. Unique shouted for Metta Mahaniyom Manaseney and unique included powder of Ajarn Kong, an instructor of Khun Paen in Suphanburi.Blessing Event The event commisioned by Ajarn Pal Chai Khiri. An overall of 84,000 pcs with numerous pims were Group consecrated on the 14th September BE 2497 at Wat Baromothat (other name: Wat Mahathat), Nakhon Sri Dhamaraj. The event itself was concluded and later the final true blessing by Ajarn Thim on the 12th October 2497, (Phansa Day )The actual blessing occasion itself was divided into a variety of 7 days

per period for 7 periods. Each 7 day duration was made use of to yelled for 7 different functions, stress a particular particular, included: Khongkraphan Chatri- Invulnerability & Body Security( 7 days) Maha Ut- Security from weapons( 7 days) Bpong Gan Satraai … Defense from animals and bugs( & days )Bpong Gan Rohk Pai Kai Jep … Security from illness (7 Days) Poot Pee … Defense from malaevolent spirits etc (7 days) Metta Maha Niyom … Kindness, Mercy & Compassion( 7 Days) Nayramit Gaai Gamrap Satdtroo … Security from Black Magic/ Opponents etc Beside this 7 durations shouting, extra distinct shouted for Metta Mahaniyom Mahaseney. The occasion itself was presided over by JaoKhun Prattaramukmunee, Abbot of Wat Baromothat. In attendance were Ajarn KhunPan, Ajarn Friend Ajarn Karawas and 108 other spiritual monks consisting of to name a few: Luang Phor Klai/ Por Than Klai (Wat Suan Khan) Luang Phor Opasi( Arsrom Bang Mod) Luang Poo Keaw( Wat Hrong Bon) Luang Phor Daeng( Wat Tha Sala )Luang Phor Kling( Wat Thalung Thong) Luang Phor Pahn( Wat Khao Or) Luang Phor Khong (Wat Bahn Suan) Luang Phor Dis (Wat Pak Sra) Luang Phor Mun( Wat Khao Daeng )Luang Phor Tune( Wat Chao Fa Sala Loi) Luang Phor Peum( Wat Koh Lak )Luang Phor Daeng( Wat Khao Bandai It) Luang Phor Ngern( Wat Don Yai Hom )LuangPhor Tae (Wat Sam Ngam) Ajarn Pal was a representative of the typical guy. At that time Buddha amulet trade and commerce did not exist in the exact same way that it does today. Amulets were given up return for merit.Sacred Parts: Amulets were comprised of numerous spiritual powder elements initial from: Pra Somdej Wat Rakhang amulets Pra Somdej Wat Bangkhunprom amulets Pra Kru Nangtra amulets Pra Kru Taokrote Pra Pong Suphan amulets Phra Khun Paen -Wat Praroop and Wat Bangkrang Phra NangPhya-Wat Nangphya Ancient amulets-Sukhothai province Ancient amulets

– Kampangpaet province Ancient

amulets-Kanchanaburi province Ancient amulets- Pitsanalok province Ancient Pra Rod, Pra Kong-Lampoon province Mahawan fron Wat Khao-or- Patalung Province Ground from old trashed Prakru Sriwichai amulets Wat Changhai Collected from 108 Thai Temples Amongst the more essential additions was leklai that makes these amulets greatly powerful.These amulets were screamed for 7 seperate functions each for 7 days, particularly; Individual appeal and attractivemess, Kongkrapan( Body Security), Maha Utt (Defense from arms ), Defense

from wild animals and insects, Security from fiends & ghosts and illness.This Phra Khun Paen were likewise soaked into Mahaniyom Phutthakhun oil (Mouse and Feline take pleasure in each other) which described as” Namman Nu Kin Meaw Num”( Rat beverage Feline’s Milk oil)

and Feline & pet canine like each other oil. This oil presently evaluated by Ajarn Pal for more than 40 years.Helpful for stopped fighting, stopped encroach, forgive each other, enemies end up being friends, business success any effective, coordinated consistency You do not require any Arms for defense.

Don’t fear others encroach. When Ajarn Friend test this oil to

annoint on Rat’s body then let the Rat beverage that Cat’s milk, the Feline were keep rather. These 2 sets of oposing forces are combined in unison, increasing the power of the amulet. The bottom of the amulet include one

effective Takrut Nu Kin Meaw Num which were hand composed by Ajarn Buddy himself.In addition the amulet was blessed for invulnerablity( kong Krapan) against weapons and furthermore might in reality be used when dealing with weapons and the power is conjured up through utilizing a various katha’The Pims This series of amulets included a variety of different pims, consisting of:1. Phra Phut Chinrat Taa Reua 2. Phra Phut Chinrat Taa Reua Pim Lek 3. Rien Nak Prom Bai Makam Taypnimit 4. Phra Pan Thai.5. Phra Somdej 6. Phra LP Thuad 7. Phra Nang Dtra 8. Yod KhunPhon Ajarn Pal The case in 17th July 2013 news mentioned that a Military officer use this Khun Paen, LP Thuad and Tha Ruer by Ajarn Buddy. He was amongst Soldiers in Southern Thailand which still endured from the trap of 5 kg bomb under roadway surface that his automobile passed and his 2 soldier pals got actually severe hurt, nevertheless he didn’t get injured at all.Many others reported that after wear this Khun Paen, their turnover were increased lot of times, some got huge task, some were got lottery game and some were quickly to have lady good friend in quickest time. That’s why this Khun Paen is searched for by many individuals. The Legend of Khun Paen, BE 1491- BE 1529 Khun Paen is the name of a famous Ayutthayan warrior living some 500 years back. His name was later on used to a votive tablet discovered at Wat Bankrang, Suphanburi Province, roughly a century ago.It was commonly thought that these votive tablets had amazing outcomes on self security and invulnerability.They were likewise rumoured to have the power of enormous woman destination. For this element the ladies of Thailand do not wish to see their other

halves using the amulet Khun Paen, fearing the tourist attraction from others.Apart from Wat Bankrang Temple, Khun Paen amulets of a numerous setup were found at Wat Phra Roop Temple from the really same province of Suphanburi. Such tablets were called Khun Paen “Khai Pha”. Thai votive tablets, that is to state amulets of Buddha image, have numerous names.Amulet collectors from previous generations have picked” Khun Paen” for ease of remembrance. Typically the names of Thai

votive tablets stem after they were found, not at the

time they were at first made.Amulet collectors of previous generations

have actually named such votive tablets” Khun Paen” due to the fact that the name was commonly comprehended to Thai individuals as an essential legendary figure. In truth there disappears correlation to Khun Paen and the figure image that appears on the votive tablet is Lord Buddha, not Khun Paen.Legendary Khun Paen lived between BE 1491 and 1529. He was born in Suphanburi Province, some 70 km. northwest of Bangkok. He matured in the closely bordered Kanchanaburi Province, where the well-known” Bridge over River Kwai” is located.He was a disciple of Acharn Kong, a magic-expert professional monk of terrific studies. Based on legend, Khun Paen was handsome and extremely attracting the ladies. While he had many partners, even higher amounts of women fell for him. Khun Paen had magical understanding. In war he utilized magic

to make himself invulnerable and hidden to enemies, to change the marching track of the opponents and to alter tree delegates angry assaulting wasps to sting his enemies.Recognizing Khun Paen’s combating success, he was chosen by the king as Khun or a high-ranking military officer.

His bio was launched in a fictitious story by poetic authors in the early Ratanakosin duration of some 180 years earlier.His baby-ghost kid was named Guman Thong. He utilized magic to produce him from a dead infant drawn from the womb of the dead Bua Klee, among Khun Paen’s other halves. As legend has it, making Guman Thong is incredible and has a complicated routine. US$ 2.388 Size:2.4 x 3.7 cm Colour: Black

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