**** Buy with favorable. **** This listing Under eCRATER and Paypal buyer security policy Accept 100% genuine service warranty. 100 % Full refund if fake or scrap or poor quality as street item!!! Accept 100% total satisfaction assurance. 100% Complete refund if feel not thrilled when gotten item.Accept PAYPAL and can provide to world-wide. Free Shipping expense, no covert costInternational register mail with Tracking number address buy it now noting only (not consist of product)i am THAILAND SELLER All product made in thailandWorking effective and Genuinely excellent efficient White magic bleesed!! security and can assist you sureReasonable Rate can be bargain. Try use “BEST OFFER”if you are old my shop’s customerif you want more Qtyif your address discover not far from Thailand *** i have many experience using to Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Canada, HongKong, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Macau, VietNam, UK, Germany, Australia, italy, france, japan, New Zealand, holland, Poland, Switzerland, etc **** product has Temple Load + Seal code stampItems Specifications Developer/ Origin: KUBA SUBIN SuMeSo: ChiangMai City, North of Thailand Years of made: B.E. 2553 or 2010 A.D Product: Powder mixed Size: See on picture, if not clear please e-mail Main power: Betting, Bring more fortunate, Terrific wealth win TagErGerFong Grandfather *, Betting Wealth, * Recommended, * Ready to utilize, Frame-Case: As Show on listing (if not reveal that implying not include with this listing) KHATA: MP3 offered (Email)KHATA is a mantras phonetic Hoping word to consecrate and manage power of this item. If temple offer khata with item. I will do it to audio MP3 file and send out to purchaser within 7day after plan ship. If purchaser not got please email to Ask me again.Information THAI REAL AMULET ERGERFONG VIDEO GAMING FORTUNATE WIN RICH MONEY KUBA SUBIN 2010: MAHALAB NAG SEING CHOK 53, TERRIFIC BRING VIDEO GAMING FORTUNATE 2010Thailand’s amulets are winding up being chosen today since belived magic amulet worn by individuals to secure themselves from negative energies, wicked and injury, and similarly brings Lucky, Wealth, and inspire your life to combat any barrier with a supernatural power help of ancient spiritual magic in side amulet.Over 300 year past, Countless thailand individuals (Celebs, politician, expert athlete, Business owner, etc) still belived in Spiritual Amulet will assist who worship pass bad situation and dealt with all crisis in your life and likewise safeguard Evil or Bad spirit can not back to attack you in future.This made and true blessing by Thai popular master ‘KUBA SUBIN SuMeSo’ B.E. 2553 or 2010 A.D year made.It have actually been past Great event and mysticism blessed powerful.Believed this amulet excellent dependable for Gaming, Bring more lucky, Exceptional wealth win I can accept PAYPAL and Ship to WorldWide If you desire more information or have question, please email to us. I will deal with any issue you might need to the best of my ability.Additional information of ER GER FONG ER GER FONG (à ¸ cents à ¸ µà ¹ ˆà ¸ à ¸ à ¸ ® à ¸ ‡ à ¸ à ¸ ² à ¸ à ¸ ‡ à ¹ ƒà ¸ ˆà ¸”à ¸ µà ¸ ‚ à ¸ à ¸ ‡ à ¸ ™ à ¸ ± à ¸ à ¸ žà ¸ ™ à ¸ ± à ¸ ™) was born in China during the democratic revolution.He was a Chinese Millionaire. He related to Thailand in the reign of King Rama 3. He was the very first individual who stemmed wagering in Thailand. He often helped the bad individuals. The shrine of Er Ger Fong is chosen among Thai gambler.Every day, great deals of people go to his shrine and pray to get lucky in betting or lottery game. when he die, individuals constructed shrine home for him.One day, the federal government requires to develop police head office in that location and damage The shrine of Er Ger Fong in the authorities headquarters. Strangely enough, after that 3 police officers were dead by vehicles and truck incident, shot weapon and heart attack in the period of one month.After this bad situation take place, the federal government select to reconstruct The shrine of Er Ger Fong. Now Er Ger fong shrine nowadays put on the top of this police headquarters’s primary building.The ErGerFong amulet is best for success in gambling and organisation. It occurred experience with user to Achieve wealth in betting (Win most ), Lotto game and windfall luck (Super all the best). Them likewise Getting Knowledge, effective, Reliable and Flexibility in your task or business or your profession by right away (Quick rich height then ever prior to). This is using package item. This amulet all set put in frame case and include a Pendant string Frame case is stunning and shape best suitabled for this amulet. it made by high quality metal product for long time wearing with every day/ every where.Necklace is a long chain to easy moving pass a head, and a charming style match with an amulet pendant.this amulet wearing plan can fit any garments and fine in any season. Utilizing this amulet pendants locket on any event can make you look fashion and charming.Don’t miss it!!! if you want more Qty or your address discover not far from Thailand, please attempt usage “BEST DEAL” if you want more Qty or your address find not far from Thailand, please effort usage “BEST DEAL” note Powered by eCRATER. Note your items quickly and easy and handle your active items.

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