Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist meditation is a form of psychological concentration that leads eventually to enlightenment and spiritual liberty. Meditation occupies a central place in all types of Buddhism, however has established particular variations in different Buddhist traditions.There are two main types

of Buddhist meditation: vipassana(insight)and samatha (harmony). The two are frequently integrated or utilized one after the other (generally vipissana follows samatha). In China and Japan, an entire school of Buddhism established around the practice of sitting meditation: Ch’an or Zen Buddhism.The basic purpose of samatha or harmony meditation is to

still the mind and train it to concentrate. The object of concentration (kammatthana)is lesser than the ability of concentration itself, and differs by specific and circumstance. One Pali texts lists 40 kammatthanas, which include: devices (like color or light) repulsive things( like a remains)recollections(such as expressions

  • of the Buddha)virtues (like loving-kindness)The objective of samatha meditation is to advance through 4 phases(dhyanas):-Detachment from the
  • external world and an awareness of joy

    and tranquility;-Concentration, with suppression of reasoning and examination;

    – The diing of joy, however with the sense of serenity staying; and – The passing away of serenity also, producing a state of pure self-possession and equanimity.

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