15 mentors of Lord Buddha that will assist you live a better life

Gautama Buddha, likewise known as Siddhartha Buddha was a sage who began to effect thousands of lives in 6th and 4th BCE (Before Common Era) with his profound spiritual wisdom. The word ‘Buddha’ implies the enlightened one or the awakened one.No matter what religious beliefs you follow, what culture you have been born and brought up in, Buddha’s teachings are universal. His teachings have the strength to awaken people to truth and make them introspect themselves. Lord Buddha’s teachings have not only offered a much deeper insight into one’s existence, however likewise made considerable contribution in liberating one from the everyday conflicts in minds.Inspiring countless

individuals today, Buddha’s knowledge in older days was kept alive through the oral tradition. It was just after 400 years of his death, that the very first manuscript was written.We bring you 15 quotes from the collection of Buddha’s teachings that will assist you to achieve a new perspective to peace, a state of well being and assist you free yourself from the imprisonments of life. Image: Shutterstock < img src="https://images.news18.com/ibnlive/uploads/2015/09/Buddha-F3-750x498.jpg" alt="Buddha - F3" width="100 %"/ > < img src="https://images.news18.com/ibnlive/uploads/2015/09/Buddha-101-750x498.jpg" alt="Buddha - 10" width="100 %"/ >

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