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Luangpu Sook Luangpu Sook PhraSomdej Bailarn Russamee. The best of Thailand amulet. 100 years of ages. The amulets are effective real blessing and produce by Luangpu Sook Wat Pakrongmakarmtao. Thai people have open the kru considered that B.E. 2520 and these amulets have admire by numerous experience collectors for years. Published in numerous magazine, Authentic Lp.Sook’s PhraSomdej 100 years at Luangpu Sook produced this batch in B.E. 2460, Luangpor Aum( his disciple) put in the kru of Krongkhom. (Kru = Pit under the pagoda). When Luangpu Sook still alive, he have actually been invited by many temples to go to the event consecrate holy products. As one of his disciple, Luangpu Sook create this batch in function to help acquire donation to develop the church at Wat Krongkhom.

< img src=" "width=" 198" height=" 142"/ >< img src="" width= "198 "height =" 142"/ > < img src="" width=" 198" height=" 142 "/ > Luangpu Sook follow the really same method Somdej Toh produce PhraSomdej Pimjawragar the black PhraSomdej, each of bookpalm leafs he made up with his yans spell letters and old scrolls book made from book palm leafs. Altogether Luangpu burn them into black holy ash, while doing that he walking meditation around the fire together with Luangpor Aum. Thai people think that by doing this will make the parts effect in exceptional health and invincible.

< img src ="" width=" 198" height=" 142"/ >< img src="" width=" 198" height =" 142"/ > PhraSomdej Ner-Phong-Khan-Sorb wrote with yans spell letters by white chalk and wipe off into the white holy powder combined with ittijay the main holy powder in produced white holy powder amulet combine with Tung-Aew oils, the amulet bring exceptional protection fortune to the user, protect from threats torment evils/darkness, PhraSomdej blessing bring respectful from all others, these amulets resemble PhraSomdej amulets by Somdej Toh established at Wat Barngkhunphrom( Wat Intraviharn in B.E. 2500+). The 2 colours black and white amulets are generally established from the ceremony.

When they have surface made these amulets out from the mold. They yelled them 1 trimarth (3 months).

According to proof tape-recorded at Krongkhom and regional people of sarm chuk, there are huge consecrate ceremony of these amulets in B.E. 2460. Luangpor Aum as an abbot of the temple and Luangpu Sook was a leader of ceremony. In this ceremony there are lots of monks have registered with from Supanburi province, Chainarth province and all around. The popular monks that joined this ceremony are Luangpor Boi WatManao, Luangpor Objective WatHuakao and Luangpor Parn WatBarngnomko

These amulets was offered absolutely free for those who pertain to the ceremony and donators who help build the church. After the event, there are many left over of the holy powder amulets and few left of brass amulets. Luangpu Sook choose to put them in the “kru” for future explansion of the temple, one at chukchee under the primary buddha statue inside the church and one under the pit of pagoda infront of the church. At the kru, it’s craft and composed “Luangpu Sook’s amulets kru”

The type of Luangpu Sook’s amulet from old kru Krongkhom Supanburi.

1) Rein Lor, combined metals type more to brass. PhraSomdej amulets riding kruith( garuda), numerous mold type. Also developed not from a kru, Luangpu Sook similarly took some quantities with him to offer to individuals at Chainarth province.

2) Ner-Phong-Bai-Larn, the well-known bookpalm leafs black holy powder, grey black colour picture of PhraSomdej Russamee Budda meditation on 3 bases. Very same with any Luangpu Sook’s amulet size. These amulets are the primary develop of the ceremony.

3) White Holy powder type, the fundamental mixing like PhraSomdej WatRakhang with ittijay holy powders. There are many pim( mold) made from these amulet. PhraSomdej Khansorb, PhraSomdej Khangrom, PhraPidda both substantial and little size and special pim precisely extremely same with PhraSomdej WatRakhang, at present there disappear and can’t discover.

4) Holy powder PhraSomdej amulets pink-red colour, various pims and uncommon.

Open the “Kru”( Pit)

< img src="" width= "350" height=" 250 "/ > Luangpu Sook’s amulets open at kru( at the primary buddha statue) Krongkhom in B.E. 2520 and continue for a number of years. There are mass quantity of amulet and numerous thai experience collectors have actually gathered ever since. Some even purchased numerous these amulets. Ten years earlier, among thailand amulet publication open the marketplace and provide these amulet the first seller.

The roof of this kru got a hole and the rain leakage inside. There are 2 class of location made inside the gru. The little leading class amulets look tidy by the rain. For the huge buttom kru, the amulet filled with sands like PhraSomdej Barngkhunphrom by Somdej Toh, like displayed in the website. (The purchaser can easy clean up with water and little brush. I simply leave them the technique they are from kru and let clients choose after they take. For me i do leave them original from kru like Barngkhunphrom. This is in fact as much as your decission.:) There are around 5,000 amulets from this kru.

< img src ="" width= "350" height=" 250"/ > The temple found other kru once again in B.E. 2524 febuary-march infront of the ordation hall, in fact was a burglar who found it. They have take a number of from the pagoda during the night time and the temple need to fix this pagoda in B.E. 2524. Throughout the repair they discovered the kru, and there were 100,000 around of Luangpu Sook’s amulets established. All these amulets were rent before the wind blow. When again in B.E. 2548, however not that much compare to the last time. In fact, it resembles they’ve buried all around the temple.

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