GONG TAU(降头 In Hokkien/Teochew/Cantonese)or JIANG TOU((降头In Mandarin)is a kind of witchcraft common in South East Asia.Whenever someone got assaulted by Black Magic, the Chinese Folks in South East Asia will refer it as “TIO GONG TAU” (中降头 ). GONG TAU progresses from the combination of Toxin Magic Abilities (GU-SHU)of Yunnan China and the Witchcraft/ Black Magic of South East Asia, which originated in India.Most Witchcraft or Black Magic of different Cultures look practically the same.They are simply

called by different names and numerous regimens are carried out due to their special religious effect and believes.GONG TAU is often performed for the function of revenge , relationship matters and cash issues.The routines of summoning Ghosts/Spirits/Demons by the Taoist Sorcerers where the typical style of using Paper Talismans to command ghosts/spirits/demons for the function of having, harming or interrupting the topics are also commonly called GONG TAU by the Chinese living in South East Asia, not just the Black Magic discovered in South East Asia.Chinese Gong Tau Master In Taoist Black Magic, generally Paper Talismans alone with regimens suffice to summon ghosts/ spirits and hellish forces to hex the victims. Nevertheless, to include individual power and also self-protection, the Chinese who transfer to other parts of South East Asia, such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia integrate their own Taoist Black Magic Skills with whatever witchcraft is practiced in the area that they chose to settle down. This type of mix of Taoist Magic and Witchcraft of S.E.A can be found in MAO SHAN SECT Practitioners, who calmed down in South East Asia. The group of Chinese Folks of Mao-Shan-Sect( 茅山派)that settled in Thailand is called SIAM MAO SECT ( 暹茅派 ). Taoist Sorcerers require to likewise understand, research study and research study on the witchcraft practiced in the country that they had chosen to settled, in order to produce brand-new Talismans and routines to deal with and counterstrike the Black Magic of the area.Advertisement GONG TAU can be Spiritual Associated or Non-Spiritual associated..1 )Non-Spiritual Gong Tau suggests to have a direct

usage of the Evil Magic Concoction(GU DU)by the Victim. It is mixed in the food or in the drink for the victim to consume. The victim will be handled or torture by the Black Magic Practitioner later at a far range. In many cases, it is to let the Victim has a slow death

. Modern Medicine has no treatment on Black Magic Poison. The only option or remedy can only be asked for from the Black Magic Master who cast the spell or from a Taoist Master well trained in Sorcery.2 )Spiritual Gong Tau indicates to cast the Gong Tau from a far variety, by ritual and spells. In order to do so, the Gong Tau Master need to have high level of spiritual power to perform it. The birth data, individual possessions or hair and finger nails are needed. The area of the targeted individual has to be understood too.Listed below are the popular Gong Tau most of people stumble upon: Straw Effigy Gong Tau (草人降) Straw Effigy is often used by Taoist Black Magicians as it is exceptionally affordable or totally complimentary to get. A soul capturing mantra is recited to summon the soul of designated victim to be connected to the Straw Effigy. Needles are then stayed with the Straw Effigy to cause pain and damage on the victim. Sorcerer with strong spiritual power can remove a preferred victim living in another part of the world.GONG TAU OIL ( 降头油 )- Remains Oil Gong Tau Oil is gathered by using the fire of a candle and burn on the skin of the chin of a dead woman. The oil gathered is called Gong Tau Oil. It is generally used to make someone fall in love or desire. Females typically use Gong Tau Oil for relationship matter and Person typically utilized it to make girls/women wish to have sex with him.GU Toxin ( 蛊毒 )-Black Magic Mixture Of Toxic Substance Gu Poison is established by sealing numerous poisonous animals(centipedes, snakes, scorpions, hazardous frogs, lizards etc )into a closed utensil, where they feasted on one another and allegedly focused their toxins into a single survivor. GU Poision is used for the function of controling sexual partners, creating malignant diseases, and triggering death. Popular Example: 5 Poisons Gong Tau(五毒降头) Flying Head Gong Tau(飞头降 )The Black Magician separated it’s head throughout the night and effective in flying about by itself. The head will slide in the sky searching for human blood.Menstrual Blood Gong Tau (经血降 )Menstrual Blood of a Girl/Woman is added to the food and taken in by the desired Victim. The objective of Menstrual Blood Magic is frequently to connect or bind a fan or sexual tourist destination. It is also typically made use of by Home house maids from South East Asia to make the companies nicer and even listen to them.There are couple of alternatives of destroying the Gong Tau assaulted on the individual.The victim will try to find the support from a Monk (Buddhist Faith ), Bomoh( Malay or Indonesian)or Taoist Master. At some time there will be a spiritual fight combated between the Gong Tau Master with the one engaged to ruin the Gong Tau. Frequently the very best option is just to remove the Gong Tau on the victim without battling a spiritual battle, if not, the possibility of the Master being engaged might lose the fight and get removed. The spiritual fight is really fighting spiritually with spells and routines, without body combat.ALWAYS TAKE SAFETY MEASURE: Most Western Folks and likewise many English Educated Chinese and likewise Singaporeans are too Updated and quickly condemn GONG TAU-Black Magic as Bull-Shit. Constantly keep a Taoist Talisman near You or get a Thai Buddhist Amulet (also call as Takrut/ Tangkar)whenever You are going to any Nations of South East Asia.By condemning Black Magic as Fake even if it hasn’t happen on You yet indicates You are self-proclaiming that
You are a I-Know-Everything-In-This-World Idiot. When Gong Tau strikes onto You, no masters might want to assist You and due to the truth that of Your individual pride, You understand You need help but no other way will You wish to approach a Taoist Master or Bomoh to get rid of the Black Magic. It will be far too late. So … always be prepared and take preventative step.

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