Planetary OM Meditation with the Reincarnation of Christ

Loosen up in a Peaceful Sacred Location

Among the most crucial things in meditation is to be able to relax and release. Discover a quiet and comfy place to meditate and being in a comfortable position.We advise

meditating inside among the Reincarnation of Christ’s 51 Degree Meditation Pyramid Systems,or with any of the Monastic Meditation Tools for Personal & Planetary Recovery, to considerably boost your meditation and the reception of the transmission of recovery real blessings from Buddha Maitreya the Reincarnation of Christ.

If you do not have a meditation pyramid and wish to explore getting your own, we recommend visiting our Meditation Pyramids or Monastic Mediation Tools sites.Invocation of The Ashram, Soul & Monad I invoke the power, the love and the knowledge, of my Ashram, Soul and Monad.To guide me into
the ideal activity in the plan, To clarify and promote my mind, To alter and transmute my sensations and sensations,
To stimulate and renew and heal my physical and etheric body, So there is a normal circulation of energy in my physical and etheric body.Through this day and every day, I ask this in the name of the
Christ, To serve the One.All in the name of the Daddy, the Boy and the Holy Spirit.Amen.The Breath and The OM Breathing and sounding the OM are the main focus of the OM Meditation.The Reincarnation of Christ will lead the breath throughout the

online meditation, please stay in sync with His OM and Breath in addition to you are able.Inhale for 7 to 10 seconds(slow and continuous)Exhale for 7 to 10 seconds while sounding the OM(let it totally resonate loudly with your outbound breath )Continue this cycle of breathing in/ breathing out for a total 20 minutes
At the end of 20 minutes

sit quietly for 2 minutes while continuing your breathing Pujas from the Reincarnation of Christ After you have actually completed the 20 minute OM meditation, it is encouraged to listen to Buddha Maitreya The Yogi Christ’s Soul Treatment Meditation Music, likewise called Pujas, to experience Soul Treatment.”Soul Therapy”

happens when listening to Buddha Maitreya,

The Christ’s Soul Treatment Blessing and Invocation Music carried out by Buddha Maitreya. This “music”is the teachings and Voice of the reincarnation of Jesus the Christ. It isHis spontaneous Real blessing that happens to the specific and a

heightening of vibration and a boost in buddhic Light awakens inside the atoms of the bodys cells … and after that a renewal …
of knowing you are Enjoyed by God the Daddy as the Will of God reveals as one’s Soul(bodhicitta ). Soul Treatment Music is special, radiating Christ’s Monadic, Soul-filled Light & Recovery Blessings and including all of Christ’s coaches. It is the Science of Invocation/ Evocation awakening and stimulating divinity within you. Choose from 10 just recently modified, lovingly restored and remastered Soul Treatment albums

of meditation music, invocations and blessings carried out and produced by Buddha Maitreya the Christ readily available through all substantial digital music shops and streaming services, or on CD from the Monastic Meditation Tools website.

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