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10 Fascinating Realities about Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)

siddharth buddha

Siddhartha Gautama happened known as Buddha the enlightened one or the awakened. He resided in Nepal throughout sixth to 4th century B.C. There are certain debates related to a few of the truths of his living however they all agreed that he lived. Buddhism got its name from its leader– Buddha. There are some very interesting facts about Buddha that you must understand.

Intriguing Realities about Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)

# 1: His mentors

The three teachings Buddha was not to be oblivious, hate and angry.


2: Four sights

One day out of interest he asked a charioteer to take him on a trip through the countryside. There he saw an aged male, then a sick male, a remains and a wandering ascetic. For the very first time in life he realized and felt that what actually the truth was. He was moved by all that he saw and understood the real truth of the life was outside his palace and not within it.


3: Realization

He went back to the Palace however he couldn’t delight in the pleasure of the palace and roamed around in the Palace alone in the night. He understood that all advantages, all that is gorgeous will ultimately die. Even the news of the birth of his kid could not make him pleased. So he gave up all the baronial things and became the clothing of a beggar and went out of the palace in quest of knowledge.


4: Prediction

When he was born within few days it was predicted that either he would grow up to end up being a terrific ruler or he will become a saint. His father preferred the first one and locked him into the palace and was not permitted outside so he didn’t have any concept about the world outside the palace. He was provided with the knowledge that would help him to end up being a fantastic ruler.


5: Seeking teacher

When he left the palace he started trying to find teachers who could preach him about different religion and how to practice meditation. He tried lots of things but he was not able to obtain the answers that he was trying to find. He found out the middle way to gain knowledge.

siddhartha gautama buddha

# 6: Enlightenment Siddhartha sat under a spiritual fig and started meditating. It is thought that he was challenged by Mara a devil whose name indicates destruction and with the aid of earth as witness he won the difficulty and then Mara vanished. At the end of the meditation he accomplished all answers to his concern and ended up being a Buddha.


7: Unwilling instructor

Initially he was reluctant about teaching as he believed that what he understands or recognized is very hard to discuss in words. Just through pure mind and discipline one might attain the fantastic truth. But compassion encouraged him to make the attempt and he started teaching the teachings about knowledge.


8: Followers

As soon as he started teaching, there were hundreds of fans.


9: Re-united

Ultimately he reconciled with his father, King Suddhodana. His spouse, the dedicated Yashodhara, became a nun and disciple. Another fascinating fact about Buddha is that his son Rahula became the youngest monk at the very age of 7 and began dealing with his father.


10: Word of wisdom

He traveled tirelessly till the age of 80 when he died. His last words to his fans were to work towards their own deliverance as nothing in this world is permanent.



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